Arcoro Announces the New Employee Onboarding Embedded Experience for Procore

Construction Leaders Can Easily and Efficiently Onboard New Hires from the Field in Kiosk Mode

Arcoro®, a proven provider of human resources and people management SaaS software for high-risk industries, today announced a new employee Onboarding Embedded Experience with Procore, a leading provider of construction management software.

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Arcoro’s cloud-based onboarding software eliminates the need for paper documents, allowing users to manage, view, store and easily export all onboarding documents. It simplifies HR processes and improves the employee experience. Arcoro’s software enables paperless onboarding of new hires on the Jobsite, or new hires can begin onboarding prior to their first day on the job, even using a mobile device.

The Arcoro Onboarding Embedded Experience enables Procore’s users to collect onboarding forms and distribute policy and procedure documents electronically. Information collected through the Embedded Experience flows seamlessly into Procore, eliminating the need for manual entry. The easy capture and updating of employee data ensure field managers and supervisors have the correct employee information within Procore, eliminating the potential for duplicate data entry and errors, and minimizes data security risks.

“Our primary goal at Arcoro is to support the workforce management needs of high-risk industries and empower the development of thriving, diverse workforces,” said John Herr, Arcoro CEO. “As construction organizations prepare to bring on new employees, the Arcoro Onboarding Embedded Experience offers a streamlined solution for those customers that are helping build this country.”

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The Arcoro Onboarding Embedded Experience is simple to access and install through the Procore App Marketplace which can be found a Whether it is accessed through the web interface or the Embedded Experience app, Arcoro’s Onboarding software keeps project managers focused on the project and the employees, not the paper.

“Connecting workforce management and project management drives better outcomes in the field, and the Arcoro Onboarding Embedded Experience for Procore will help project teams get onboarded quickly and efficiently so work can begin when it’s needed,” said Kris Lengieza, VP, Global Partnerships & Alliances, Procore.

“Construction organizations are looking for integrations that yield tangible results. The Arcoro Onboarding Embedded Experience delivers those outcomes with automation that sidesteps manual and paper processes. The administrative time and risk mitigation savings is measurable, and ease of use sets the tone for an increased employee experience, “said Chad Mathias, VP of Strategic Alliances for Arcoro.

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