Improving the Hiring Experience for Candidates and Employers: A Strategic Partnership Between Unicuspar and Incipio Workforce Solutions.

UnicusPar, an applicant tracking system that automatically matches candidates with specific career opportunities, offers a new approach to hiring the best talent in the most effective way! Weston Burchett, Partner of UnicusPar, said, “Any size company can create an account, post a job, gain insight into qualified candidates, learn if they are a good match for the existing team, conduct background tests and drug screens, and execute an offer letter all on their own!” This system is not only beneficial for individual company hiring, but through Unicuspar’s partnership with Incipio, a company that is locating, hiring, and retaining top talent across multiple industries, you can receive a full scale, personalized hiring experience that not only brings in the right talent, but retains great talent.

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Oftentimes, when a company is hiring on their own it can become overwhelming. Especially when the HR department is an important point of contact for everyone in the organization. So whether a company is hiring for one position or five hundred, the partnership between UnicusPar and Incipio gives each company more time back for their hiring managers, a decreased cost in candidate acquisition, and a stronger approach to hiring great people that stay.

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By outsourcing your hiring processes to a full scale team at Incipio, they will not only nail down the best person for the job, but will focus on each candidate and ensure that they feel supported from the day that they submit their application through the first 90 days of employment. UnicusPar is highly focused on understanding how a candidate will fit in with the current team and whether or not that candidate would excel in the environment they’re being hired into. This dynamic hiring duo will not only fill a position efficiently and in a timely manner, but can ensure that a candidate will want to stay in their position for the long haul. When you choose Incipio and UnicusPar, you choose intention and retention.

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