HR Tech Startup Confirm Launched ChatGPT-Powered Solution for Auto-Drafting Reviews Based on Peer and Manager Feedback

Confirm’s technology improves the fairness and accuracy of evaluations while saving time by automating most of the process.

Confirm, the first platform to incorporate the science of Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) into performance reviews to ensure data-driven job advancement, announced today the release of a new feature: a GPT3-powered solution that automatically drafts feedback for managers utilizing input from peers and managers.

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Confirm’s Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) methodology reflects how people operate now – in networks rather than rigid, top-down structures. With Confirm, all workers can indicate who in their organization they go to for guidance and support, as well as who energizes them, allowing analysis to uncover correlations and patterns and identify actual top performers. The company’s ONA-based evaluations level the playing field by increasing executives’ awareness of an employee’s influence and ensuring performance judgments are based on broader sets of data rather than the opinions of single management.

Even while best practices recommend that a manager have roughly seven direct reports, it’s not uncommon for managers and executives to have considerably more – even up to 15-20. It can take hours to write that many reviews. Confirm provides managers with a starting point for composing performance reports by synthesizing input from employees.

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Confirm’s platform is meant to collect a diverse variety of data input for performance assessments, ensuring that they are not reliant solely on the whims of single management. Its new GPT3-powered capability goes a step further by auto-drafting manager evaluations based on information gathered during the ONA process, including specific remarks from peers. Managers then evaluate and adjust the review before it is submitted.

“We’ve struck a chord with HR pros and executive teams who know they can do better when it comes to performance reviews,” said David Murray, Co-founder and President of Confirm. “Our platform makes the process much easier and much more accurate – both are important, and until now had been hard to achieve together. We are excited to roll out this new GPT3-powered feature that creates a much more efficient way to write data-based performance reviews.”

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