Principles, a Ray Dalio Company, Launches a New Self-Service Version of PrinciplesUS

  • Turnkey Personality Assessment Experience Provides a Rich Picture of a Team’s Dynamics to Improve Communications and Optimize Performance

Principles, a people management software company founded by investor and entrepreneur Ray Dalio, expanded the distribution of its PrinciplesUs assessment tool by offering a new self-service experience now available at

“Knowing what you’re like and then knowing what those you’re interacting with are like is probably the most important thing for achieving your individual and collective goals”

Built from PrinciplesYou the best-in-class individual personality assessment recently launched by the company in April 2021 and already completed by 400,000 consumers PrinciplesUs is focused on use in teams and organizations, empowering employees to understand themselves, understand others, and help others understand them. It provides deep insights into what individuals and teams are like, and how team members can use that understanding to improve their relationships and the ways in which they interact. Managers benefit by getting a deeper understanding of their teams along with practical, actionable insights designed to help team members operate more effectively together to achieve shared goals. In a world where many are working in remote/hybrid environments, PrinciplesUs is an essential team-building tool.

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“Knowing what you’re like and then knowing what those you’re interacting with are like is probably the most important thing for achieving your individual and collective goals,” said Ray Dalio, founder of Principles and Bridgewater Associates. “PrinciplesUs tells employees about themselves and combines it with others’ results to predict what their interactions are probably going to be like. Having this level of understanding has proven invaluable in building my company and has helped us to work better together and build more meaningful relationships with each other.”

Designed with world-renowned psychologists, Dr. Adam Grant, Dr. Brian Little, and Dr. John Golden, both PrinciplesYou and PrinciplesUs deliver an assessment based on the latest personality science that combines rigorous psychometrics with practical and proven insights derived from decades of business experience within Dalio’s leading investment firm, Bridgewater Associates.

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The assessment provides multiple levels of reporting:

  • Individual in-depth reports in which employees will learn about the archetypes they are most like as well as how they prefer to think, engage, and apply themselves across 17 core dimensions.
  • 1:1 comparisons between any two team members along cognitive, interpersonal and motivational dimensions showing how they relate to each other and providing valuable guidance about how they can interact most effectively.
  • Team visualizations, based on custom groups created within the tool, illustrate team dynamics across types and traits including how team members are similar and different, where they complement each other, and where they might improve.
  • Team profiles explore how an existing or prospective group of people compare to team archetypes constructed to excel in Sales, Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Risk Management, Competition, Problem Solving, Customer Focus and Creativity.

PrinciplesUs is available as a 30-day experience for team building activities and workshops, or through an annual subscription with monthly billing for customers interested in fully integrating the tool into their organizations to facilitate hiring, new hire integration and the ongoing formation and development of more effective teams. For large enterprises, Principles offers customized virtual and in-person PrinciplesUs workshops led by Principles team members, along with HRIS integration to facilitate large scale roll-outs. The company also offers a PrinciplesUs Foundations Certification Workshop, which trains professionals to administer the assessment through 2 half-day sessions.

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