Staffmark Group Leverages Rimini Street Support for Oracle PeopleSoft Powering Payroll for 35,000 Employees a Week

  • Leading staffing and recruitment firm benefits from Rimini Street’s ultra-responsive service, unmatched PeopleSoft expertise and ultra-fast Legislative-to-Live™ tax, legal and regulatory updates, leverages savings to increase investments in advanced service offerings for customers

Rimini Street, Inc. a global provider of enterprise software products and services, the leading third-party support provider for Oracle and SAP software products and a Salesforce partner,  announced that Staffmark Group, an award-winning staffing and recruitment firm, continues to leverage Rimini Street to support the company’s PeopleSoft system environment support and maintenance. Since making the switch to Rimini Street, Staffmark has significantly improved the quality, responsiveness and depth of PeopleSoft support available to its internal IT team, enabled faster tax, legal and regulatory updates, and plans to reinvest support cost savings in service offering innovation and enhancements such as AI analysis capabilities and automated job posting functionality for employers and jobseekers – a vital part of its competitive market strategy.

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Mission-Critical System Requires Mission-Critical Support

Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, Staffmark Group is a member of RGF Staffing and is comprised of brands across three units: technical/professional, administrative/light industrial, and process outsourcing. The organization has a national network of more than 3,000 professionals in more than 400 branches; they place 245,000 people in jobs each year – and they are growing. Staffmark’s PeopleSoft system is one of the core infrastructure assets that touches all key operational functions – recruiting, staffing, orders, assignments, candidates and internal human resources (HR) benefits and financials. One of the most critical operations is payroll.

“We run payroll daily, serving approximately 35,000 employees a week, so any issue running this critical process accurately and on time would be catastrophic, so it’s a mission-critical process that must be bulletproof and always on,” said Jill Crabtree, vice president, ERP Technology, Staffmark.

As Staffmark continued to grow and expand as a brand, one of the challenges that Crabtree needed to address was the various instances and versions of PeopleSoft the company was running across its numerous divisions. She embarked on a five-year project to transition the entire business – including all subsidiaries and a new acquisition – onto PeopleSoft 9.2. Once the consolidation and standardization across the organization was complete, the next step was to further drive out costs and create more operational efficiencies.

Already familiar with Rimini Street from a previous job at a different company, Crabtree knew that by switching to Rimini Street’s higher-value support model for the Staffmark Group’s PeopleSoft System, she could obtain a higher quality of support than the company was receiving from Oracle and, at the same time, liberate substantial costs for investment in other business priorities.

“I knew from experience that Rimini Street’s claims regarding their value proposition were all real – including its ultra-responsive support from experienced PeopleSoft engineers – and faster delivery of high-quality tax, legal and regulatory updates would assure us that we could keep our daily payroll operating smoothly in full compliance and create operational efficiencies. I had no hesitations about the positive impact this would have at Staffmark,” continued Crabtree. “For example, there have been numerous tax, legal and regulatory updates related to COVID-19, and we’ve been able to get immediate, customized updates for those changes. The support we receive is phenomenal.”

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Expert, Personalized Support Services with Quality Tax, Legal & Regulatory Updates

Rimini Street delivers ultra-fast Legislative-to-Live™ tax, legal and regulatory updates available for nearly 200 countries in the United Nations. Updates are customized to meet the needs of each client and work in its unique environment. Calculations and parameters are checked and verified across multiple sources, developed using Rimini Street’s proprietary and proven processes and delivered to clients in advance of legislative effective dates.

As with all Rimini Street clients, Staffmark is assigned a Primary Support Engineer with an average of 20 years of enterprise software experience and backed by a team of functional and technical engineers. The company also benefits from Rimini Street’s award-winning service level agreement of 10-minute response times for critical Priority 1 cases.

“We have so much confidence in Rimini Street. The staff is knowledgeable, reliable and dedicated. The Company’s comprehensive approach has enabled us to maximize the functionality of our PeopleSoft system and all of the associated investments we’ve made. In addition, the Company exceeds their own industry-leading SLAs – currently we have an average response time for our critical P1 cases of just under two minutes,” noted Crabtree.

“Staffmark is similar to so many organizations across North America and globally that are seeking better operational support and deliverables, want to drive out unnecessary costs, create operational efficiencies and free up limited resources to fund and advance transformation initiatives that will propel their organizations forward,” said Emmanuel Richard, senior vice president and theatre general manager, North America at Rimini Street. “Our collaborative approach with the Staffmark Group is a testament to how we help our clients improve competitive advantage and drive growth.”

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