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Deel Automates Employer of Record Services Allowing Companies to Hire International Full Time Employees Instantly

Platform enables businesses to build and manage virtual workforces, eliminating cross-border complexities and any need for physical subsidiaries or local offices

Deel, the all-in-one platform to hire anyone, anywhere, has automated the process of hiring international employees. Within their Deel account, employers can onboard international employees in minutes without setting up a local entity.

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“Recruiting the right talent is challenging enough”

To hire an employee in a new country, you have to open a local office, register your address as a subsidiary, open a bank account locally and navigate complicated area specific laws for payroll, taxes, legal and HR. It’s an expensive and daunting task that can sometimes take months.

With Deel, companies can now hire employees in over 150 countries in just a few clicks. Employers simply log into Deel and onboard international employees for a fixed fee. No need to set up a new local entity. Deel takes care of the heavy lifting by becoming the ‘Employer of Record’. By hiring on the behalf of companies, Deel saves businesses time, cost, and the headache of having to set up a legal entity, all while ensuring compliance with local laws.

The employee will be on Deel’s payroll, but work for the company just like any other employee. Deel even handles their health insurance, social and pension contributions as well as income tax. Deel EOR enables employers to be unrestricted by a worker’s geographic location, allowing workers to get hired and paid in the country and currency of their choice. Currently Deel offers EOR services across the globe; where it has set up its own entities in 15 countries to date, and plans to be in 70+ countries by the end of 2021. For countries where local labour law systems are more complex Deel’s partners with local experts.

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