Made of Millions and Verizon Media Launch Made Academy, a New Educational Platform Designed to Help Companies Build Empathetic Workplaces and Destigmatize Mental Health

Made Academy Will Feature Mental Health Curriculum, Including In-Depth Video and Actionable Insight Curated and Produced By Collection of Experts and Advocates

 World Mental Health Day, global advocacy nonprofit Made of Millions announced its newest project, Made Academy, an educational platform that aims to be a resource for companies looking to build happier and healthier teams. Made Academy provides radically accessible educational content designed to close critical knowledge gaps surrounding the mental health spectrum. Made Academy is possible thanks to the cooperation of Verizon Media, a leader in digital innovation, content and commerce.

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According to a new report from JAMA Network, mental health challenges among workers in the United States have tripled during the Covid-19 pandemic. The report noted that about one in four adults cited symptoms of depression. And according to a new study from Oracle, 70% of workers say 2020 has been the most stressful year yet.

Built with the help of a diverse group of mental health experts and advocates, the Made Academy platform brings crucial educational information to companies and their staff before situations arise, benefiting not only individuals and employers but the friends and family members of those in need as well. Its in-depth video-based curriculum empowers companies to build empathetic workplaces, laddering up to the foundation’s mission of destigmatizing mental health on a global scale and making workplaces more informed and psychologically safe for all.

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Starting in January 2021, Made Academy will offer:

  • Mental health education through an intersectional lens. Understand how race, gender, and socio-economic status influence how we see and experience mental health.
  • Wide-ranging perspectives and experiences, from experts and advocates. Get actionable insights from a diverse collection of mental health providers, HR professionals, people with real-life experiences, and more.
  • Information on warning signs and preventative approaches. Learn how to proactively care for your mental health and recognize warning signs before they lead to a situation.
  • Guidance on language and destigmatization. Explore how everyday language contributes to the stigma around mental health, and how to create a more positive impact.
  • Business benefits of mental health education. See how mental health impacts culture, wellness, and productivity, with actionable insights to start driving change.

“With the support of our partners Verizon Media and Bayne Studios, Made Academy was created to deliver mental health education at scale. Our video curriculum gives managers and employees a holistic view of the mental health spectrum, with actionable insights they can use to build healthier teams and spread awareness in their communities,” said Aaron Harvey, Co-Founder at Made of Millions. “Education not only gives employees the information they need to navigate their own needs, but it helps them support family, friends, and loved ones who may be struggling as well.”

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