War Room Inc. the Most Pet-Friendly Office in Canada

When people hear the name “War Room,” their initial thought might be: whoa, that sounds intense. Don’t get it wrong, their tribe of DigiNerds works hard on strategizing and optimizing clients’ advertising campaigns. War Room is also a big family that adores furry friends. That’s why they pride themselves on being the most pet-friendly office in Canada.

War Room office dogs love treats and “work” alongside their owners. Just to clarify, by “work,” War Room means mostly nap and occasionally wander around for cuddles.

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Lifelearn Animal Health highlights the benefits of having a dog-friendly workplace, which are:

  • Employee stress gets reduced
  • A great boost in office morale
  • Believe it or not, it promotes productivity
  • Aids in team building
  • Promotes a more active lifestyle
  • Facilitates communication and conversations
  • No more lonely dogs stuck at home

Dog-friendly office? It’s a common thing now. But have you heard of one that is cat-friendly? can’t forget about cat lovers.

War Room’s CEO, Mike Tyler, has been fostering animals for over 15 years. With a big heart for animals and seeing the positive impact having pets in the workspace has, Mike had an idea: why not foster office kittens, too?

Ever since then, War Room has become a long-term partner with the BCSPCA and a few other kitten rescue organizations.

Some of the kittens come as fearless adventurers, some others take more time to come out of their shell. During their time at the War Room, they foster confidence with love and patience. It’s rewarding to see the kittens grow and become socialized sweethearts that love people and dogs alike.

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