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Upwork’s Global Launch of Project Catalog™ Offers Businesses New Way to Work, Grow, and Scale

New Upwork offering helps customers unlock an instantly scalable workforce for their business needs

Upwork, the world’s work marketplace, announced the early global launch of Project Catalog™, a curated collection of predefined projects that customers can browse and buy from in just a few clicks. The release comes at a time when companies of all sizes are discovering the power of Upwork and transforming their workforce models to leverage highly skilled, independent talent across a broad range of core functions. The launch is part of Upwork’s ongoing focus on creating more innovative and powerful ways for businesses and talent to work together, whether through Upwork’s Enterprise suite of services, its Talent Marketplace, or the latest way to leverage Upwork, Project Catalog.

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“This launch represents yet another way Upwork continues to evolve its experience for customers who want to quickly expand their capabilities and access a pool of incredibly skilled talent”

“We see on the horizon a future in which independent talent will work at the heart of every business,” said Hayden Brown, President and Chief Executive Officer at Upwork. “COVID-19 provided a shock to the system for businesses everywhere, many of which are now rethinking how they work for the long term. Many have experienced the incredible benefits of accessing the most highly skilled talent on demand, regardless of location, using Upwork. They are starting to understand the tremendous competitive advantage that an instantly scalable workforce of talented people offers—and we are continuing to sharpen these advantages, most recently with the global launch of Project Catalog. I’m excited that as of today, Project Catalog is available to our customers who are using Upwork as the new operating system for their business.”

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Project Catalog offers an additional opportunity for businesses and independent professionals to work together instantly on Upwork’s work marketplace. Clients can solve their most pressing work needs by leveraging Project Catalog’s curated collection of predefined, fixed-price projects. Project Catalog contains tens of thousands of projects across more than 300 categories, including design, web development, translation, and writing. Information on a project’s scope, cost, timing, and deliverables is clearly outlined by talent on Upwork so that buyers can have confidence in the final product.

For highly skilled independent talent on Upwork’s platform, Project Catalog offers flexibility, control, and a powerful new revenue stream. Professionals can package up their favorite work into clearly defined projects, generating new business so they can focus on the work they love doing most.

“This launch represents yet another way Upwork continues to evolve its experience for customers who want to quickly expand their capabilities and access a pool of incredibly skilled talent,” said Sam Bright, Chief Product and Experience Officer at Upwork. “Since the beta launch, we have enhanced communication on the platform as well as provided new ways for talent to boost the visibility of their projects. We were excited to see great demand for Project Catalog from both new and existing customers during our beta, affirming the vast interest for this type of service as companies of all sizes increasingly embrace independent talent. As a result, we accelerated our previously communicated global launch timeline of Project Catalog by over a month so that we can help more customers swiftly adopt this new way of working.”

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