See INFINITI HR, the Professional Employer Organization for Franchises®, ignite innovation and prepare for a year of explosive growth at the International Franchise Association (IFA) Virtual Annual Convention.

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IFA’s Virtual Annual Convention will be live February 16-18 and February 23-25 with more than 190 educational and networking sessions and 10 general sessions with world-class keynote speakers, such as U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), Governor of the State of Maryland, Larry Hogan, U.S. Senator Chris Coons (D- DE), and Founder of Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwich Shops, Jimmy John Liautaud.

IFA’s Virtual Annual Convention is filled with content specifically designed for franchisors, franchisees, and the organizations that support the franchise industry. The convention keeps attendees abreast of challenges facing the franchise industry and new opportunities that will help lead to growth trends. Attendees of IFA’s Virtual Annual Convention will meet with leading franchise executives at the INFINITI HR booth to learn more about the new programs designed to cut labor cost and mitigate employer liability. As The Professional Employer Organization for Franchises® and sponsor of franchising’s premier annual event, INFINITI HR will offer new innovative workforce solutions to chart the future of the franchise industry. This year, the International Franchise Association will host its newest and much anticipated hot topics session entitled, “The Bottom Line | Cut Labor Cost & Mitigate Employer Liability” presented by INFINITI HR Senior Vice President Daniel Mormino. Such hot topics session has been named “a must attend educational session, relevant to systems of all sizes throughout franchising”.

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Throughout the IFA Virtual Annual Convention, the diverse cohort of franchisor and franchisee clients of INFINITI HR will be represented by Mormino. With two decades of leadership in the franchise industry, Mormino is awarded the highest honors for professional excellence and is recognized as one of the world’s leading franchise executives. As a Certified Franchise Executive and Certified Master Hotel Supplier, Mormino is the first PEO executive to sit on the Supplier Forum Advisory Board of the IFA. Mormino also serves as an Ambassador to emerging franchisors and is recognized as “the leading change agent in the PEO industry”. Mormino co-founded The Professional Employer Organization for Franchises® to help franchisors and franchisees prevent the pitfalls of employer liability and the obstacles to organic growth by leveraging the economies of scale of a large enterprise into a competitive advantage. Mormino’s leadership by design empowers franchisors and franchisees to innovate and to create opportunities for their people to discover what’s next.

“The time has come for franchises to ignite innovation and prepare for a year of explosive growth. INFINITI HR is delighted to sponsor the IFA Virtual Annual Convention and proud to serve as the preferred PEO supplier to a diverse cohort of established franchisors, emerging brands and leading franchisees of all sizes throughout all 50 states,” Mormino said. “INFINITI HR is committed to provide the critical content needed for franchisors to protect the integrity of their brands, and we are humbled to empower franchisees to gain an innate competitive advantage in their respective territories. Together, we will continue to protect, enhance, and promote franchises.”

Mormino is a graduate in Franchise Management from Georgetown University and is an Alumnus of Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

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