The Lcap Group Launches Leadership Dynamics, First-Of-Its-Kind Leadership Evaluation Tool

First-to-market leadership evaluation product launched to help private equity reduce investment risk by modeling the success of executive teams
Based on proprietary data of over 7,000 successful private equity transactions and leadership insights
Underpinned by academic expertise of leading occupational psychologist Prof. Adrian Furnham

The LCap Group, a major authority in the field of leadership insights for high-growth companies and investors, announce the launch of Leadership Dynamics, a first-of-its-kind leadership analytics and evaluation tool to help the private equity sector and wider business community implement change.

Blending big data, 18 years of industry expertise, academic rigor and machine learning integration, Leadership Dynamics is specifically focused on the needs of PE funds and PE backed high-growth businesses. Its primary objective is to provide bespoke leadership foresight to Investment Directors, Chairs and CEOs, supporting the implementation of change in a bid to reduce the investment risk of an executive team not being able to deliver on their value creation plan.

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Innovative leadership foresight

Differentiating itself from current leadership insight tools, Leadership Dynamics is backed by data from over 7,000 successful business exits over the past 10 years and the only behavioral evaluation product designed by psychologists for the unique leadership demands of venture, private and growth capital. By focusing on fundamental behaviors rather than personality types and using anonymized data to model leadership teams, the tool helps to eliminate inherent bias and actively seeks cognitive diversity as well as demonstrating good governance and transparency from an ESG perspective.

Benchmarking that goes beyond machine learning

Leadership Dynamics enables comparisons between existing leadership teams and anonymized teams modeled using machine learning, as well as real leadership teams of previously successful businesses drawn from The LCap Group’s extensive proprietary data. Through a mix of expertise, data backing and machine learning support, the tool allows venture, private and growth capital an unbiased assessment of the executive teams, at arm’s length, and the foresight to maximize the value creation plan.

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Built by experts

The combination of The LCap Group’s 18 years of experience in the field and the academic expertise and insights of Prof. Adrian Furnham – a reputable expert in leadership performance, author of 95 books and over 1300 scientific papers and, HR Lifetime Achievement Award winner, has resulted in a robust tool that provides users with the foresight to make changes to or develop their leadership teams proactively.

With almost two decades of experience in leadership insights, consulting and executive search, The LCap Group’s house of specialist brands is now powered by Leadership Dynamics. Having been in beta testing with a select group of existing clients for the past six months, the successful soft launch has seen over 100 companies benefit from the tool’s innovative approach to visualizing, benchmarking and optimizing leadership teams and has helped to push diversity and inclusion goals forward in private equity and within SME leadership teams.

“We are hugely excited to bring to market a tool that meets the specific needs of our clients and to see our team’s extensive knowledge, expertise and experience making a positive impact on the success of leadership teams. The LCap Group is about supporting individuals in their decision-making, enabling our clients to achieve their business goals and Leadership Dynamics provides them with insights that elevate their knowledge and experience and help them make the very best decisions.”

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