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Ten Spot Survey Reveals 60% Of The Most Productive & Engaged Workers Are Frequently Offered Virtual Social Work Events During COVID-19

Workers Find Silver Linings of Remote Work Include No Commute, Ditching Shaving & Make-Up, and Spending More Time with Their Family

Ten Spot, the workforce engagement platform that keeps your employees connected, today announced the results of its national employee survey, Employee Productivity & Engagement During Covid-19. The findings provide insight into the productivity and engagement levels of those who have been working from home since the pandemic started, and the challenges they’ve encountered. Additionally, the results reveal insights into how connected workers feel to their colleagues while working remotely, what they need in order to be more successful in working from home, and how working from home has positively impacted their lives. Some key highlights are:

– 80% say Zoom fatigue is not distracting them from being productive
– 61% of those who say they are not at all productive and engaged are looking for news jobs, vs. 33% of those who say they are very productive and engaged
– The virtual social activities that employees are most interested in being provided with include something related to mental well being (meditation, stress management, etc.), learning new skills to use at home (cooking, crafts, etc.), and fun experiences (virtual happy hours, trivia challenges, etc.)

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The Hybrid Workforce is Here to Stay

There is no question that COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of the hybrid workforce. While roughly 40% of people already worked from home full-time and will continue to do so, 35% plan to work remotely two days a week once COVID-19 is over. This is an increase of 12% from the 23% that did so before the pandemic.

However, remote work doesn’t come without challenges. Considering all of the difficulties those surveyed face, 52% said they feel less connected to their colleagues, 43% claimed they don’t have the best at-home office set up, and 40% said they feel less productive. Yet workers feel there are various things that employers can do to help them overcome the challenges of working remotely and feel more connected and engaged with their coworkers. The top solutions include:

– Incentives designed to specifically help them maintain a healthy work-life balance (40%)
– Rewards from their managers/employers (39%)
– Company-supplied equipment or an equipment stipend (39%), and
– Virtual social activities with colleagues (37%)

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How Productive & Engaged Are We During COVID-19? And Why?

Achieving high levels of employee productivity and engagement tends to be one of the top priorities for every company but determining what really impacts it can be elusive. Right now, 62% of those surveyed feel moderately or very productive, and 55% feel moderately or very engaged in their jobs right now, while 3% of those surveyed feel not at all productive, and 5% feel not at all engaged with their job right now.

Of those who are both moderately or very productive and engaged at work, whether or not their company offers opportunities to engage with colleagues makes a difference. 62% said their company did this frequently or very frequently prior to COVID-19, and 57% say their company has been frequently or very frequently offering these social opportunities virtually during COVID-19.

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