Speakfully Launch Empowers Organizations and Employees to Build Better Workplace Culture and Counter the Many Forms of Workplace Mistreatment

Free Version for Individuals and Organization Version for Companies of All Sizes Are Now Available to Turn the Tide on Workplace Harassment and Unfair Behavior

Meet Speakfully, a support, resource and documentation platform that empowers both employees and employers with a method to ensure everyone feels safe, secure and comfortable at work. Today, Speakfully announced general availability of both its free version for individual users and subscription version for organizations of all sizes.

Speakfully was created to turn the tide on workplace cultures in which lingering apprehension and intimidation around having open and honest conversations persist. With 20% of U.S. adults having experienced sexual harassment at work, and 78% of staff facing other kinds of unfair treatment, Speakfully offers employees and employers a tool to combat workplace biases, discriminations and toxicity.

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“Workplace incidents often exist in the gray areas between discomfort and harassment and can be difficult to navigate and understand before employees feel ready to formally report to HR or leadership,” said Jana Morrin, CEO and Co-Founder, Speakfully. “The trend of not documenting or reporting harassment sadly means that toxic, unsafe workplace environments can develop and persist without company leadership having the insight to enforce lasting cultural change. I experienced this firsthand and created Speakfully to break the cycle. A healthy workplace culture means better business for everyone – and it starts with each member of an organization feeling free and empowered to speak fully.”

How It Works

With discreet tools for documentation, resources for support, and reporting, Speakfully offers a powerful solution to help turn the tide on workplace mistreatment. Speakfully is designed to make logging and reporting incidents something employees can do even in a crowded or open-concept workspace, without attracting attention.

Using an easy-to-navigate folder system, employees can chronicle instances of mistreatment as they happen. If an organization uses Speakfully, they’ll receive data about these entries – but will never see specifics like the employee’s name, attachments or any other identifiable information until the employee is ready to share.

Within a folder, employees can quickly and discreetly document moments of unfair treatment. With just a few simple clicks they can describe the individual incident, as well as attach documentational proof, both for their own understanding and to provide examples of what is transpiring should they decide to submit their report to the company’s HR team. Each folder can contain multiple entries, and employees can create multiple folders to keep things organized. The interface also makes it simple to access and review the contents of existing folders in a similarly subtle fashion.

Throughout the often-lengthy process of documenting mistreatment, Speakfully offers support – both situationally and technically – including resources to guide employees and reassure them each step of the way. After submitting via Speakfully, employees are kept updated on the status of their folder as it is reviewed and acted upon by the company’s HR team. Employees can even select which member of their HR team they’d like to review their folder, should they have a preference.

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Additional Tools for HR and Leadership

HR and company leadership also have access to additional analytical and assessment tools. HR administrators can see the total number of active users within their company, the total number of folders and log entries, as well as high-level data on the severity and location of documented incidents. They cannot see the contents of any folder until submitted by the employee.

“As we set out to design and build Speakfully, we did so with the goal of creating the tools we wished we’d had as we navigated workplace mistreatment ourselves,” said Morrin. “The result is a platform that enables us to record our experiences safely, securely, and discreetly – and that helps us truly understand what we are going through. We’re confident that with Speakfully at employees’ and organizations’ fingertips, no one ever has to walk that path alone again.”


Speakfully is free for individual users and can be accessed at www.speakfully.com. Organizational pricing starts at $2 to $4 per month based on customization and features offered to HR, along with number of employees using the platform. For additional details or to speak with a company representative, organizations can contact the Speakfully support team at support@speakfully.com.

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