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Ringdale Helps Companies Meet Virus Compliances with Automated IR Thermometer for Accurate Temperature Scanning of Individuals

Affordable Infrared Thermometer Can Quickly Process Four Persons per Minute Using No-Contact Applicance

Ringdale, a Texas-based supplier of worldwide workplace technologies announced the availability of the TA2-IR Thermometer, an easy-to-use, no-contact Infrared (IR) appliance. TA2-IR was developed during this crucial time of Covid-19 to help organizations and businesses seamlessly, consistently and accurately process the temperature of individuals on their premises. Ringdale’s TA2-IR can be wall mounted in key areas to scan an individual’s temperature and provide on screen results along with an audible reading. TA2 addresses the need to safely and efficiently conduct temperature readings for health compliances.

Many businesses, food processing, education, religious buildings, and community buildings are all looking for tools that can aid in screening the body temperature of people that enter and work in the buildings. While there are many handheld tools on the market, they often do not meet the expressed needs of availability at all entry points, speed, consistency-of-use and inclusivity. TA2 offers three convenient, cost-effective models: desk top, handheld and wall mounted. The unit provides audio and clear visual feedback on a 2-inch color display and requires no direct contact.

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“The virus has elevated a need to scan the temperature of many individuals quickly. At Ringdale we always seek the most efficient and non-invasive way to perform a task. That is how I designed the TA2-IR,” remarked Klaus Bollmann, president of Ringdale. “The market needs a highly accurate tool while being affordable, easy to install and administer, and most essential—intuitive, fast and inclusive. I know the TA2 has marked all those boxes and more to help companies maintain safety and keep working.”

Features of Ringdale’s Ta2-IR are:

  • Fast scanning times: TA2 allows for reliable processing of 4 persons per minute or 240 persons per hour
  • Audio and Clear Visual Feedback on a 2″ Color TFT display of Pass and No Pass. Fully adjustable backlight and volume.
  • Accurate temperature measurement +/- 0.25K is paramount to contactless measurement
  • Wall mount version fits in most j-box, or electrical switch, space for easy and accessible installation.

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