RingCentral Introduces Next-Gen Communication Solution for Frontline Workers

RingCentral,  a leading provider of AI-powered global enterprise cloud communications, video meetings, collaboration, and contact center solutions,  announced a next-gen communication solution for frontline workers that enhances employee- or company-owned mobile devices with walkie-talkie, voice, AI- powered video capabilities, team messaging, file sharing, and more. In the past, frontline workers have been burdened by juggling multiple devices. With RingCentral’s powerful frontline workforce solution–which now offers a new push to talk capability–frontline workers across industries like healthcare, retail, and manufacturing can use a single device to seamlessly connect and communicate with the rest of their organization.

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“Frontline workers need to be given the right tools to perform their jobs with speed and precision. Without digital investments, they’re set up to work in silos”

“Frontline workers need to be given the right tools to perform their jobs with speed and precision. Without digital investments, they’re set up to work in silos,” said Srini Raghavan, chief product officer, RingCentral. “With our new Frontline Worker solution, businesses can bridge departmental gaps and empower their frontline workers with mobile-centric tools that include push to talk capabilities along with message, video, and phone so they can communicate with their field and back office teams.”

Available as a standalone solution or add-on to RingCentral MVP (message, video, phone), key benefits for frontline workers and businesses include:

  • Drive ROI with fewer devices and apps: This new offering with push to talk capabilities eliminates the need for frontline workers to carry multiple devices. Businesses can optimize costs by introducing bring your own device (BYOD) programs and reducing subscriptions with consolidated calling, SMS, video camera-sharing, and group messaging in one subscription.
  • Enable next-gen walkie talkie with AI-powered capabilities: Frontline workers can instantly elevate a voice call to AI-powered video collaboration, utilizing “see what I see” technology for added context, asking for second opinions, or visually sharing their current surroundings. Workers can also leverage AI-powered live transcriptions, or if their location is too loud, AI noise reduction can make it easier to hear clearer audio.
  • Connect frontline and back office workers: RingCentral securely and reliably allows frontline workers and back office workers to easily chat via team messaging and share files to power stronger and more effective collaboration.

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Benefits for Key Industries

RingCentral’s frontline worker solution with push to talk capabilities provides the following benefits for customers in these industries:

  • Healthcare: Healthcare teams need quick and easy access to onsite and dispersed support staff to provide better patient care. The new solution helps healthcare organizations reduce patient visit time (without reducing the time spent with the care provider), improve staff communication, and decrease emergency response time.
  • Retail: Retail workers need to have seamless employee and customer communications, as well as the ability to task assignments, improve inventory management, and simplify order fulfillment. The new solution enables rapid and accurate responses to customer interactions and makes retail operations easier.
  • Manufacturing: The manufacturing workforce needs effective, real-time communication to improve workplace safety, drive productivity, and streamline workflows. The new solution enables better, faster communication between workers across warehouses and other sites, which is critical so they can be effective as a team. The solution also enables workers to react quickly to mechanical breakdowns and assign tasks to floor personnel for smooth dispatch operations.

According to Elka Popova, vice president and senior fellow, information and communications technologies at Frost & Sullivan, “Frontline employees are an integral part of 80% of organizations globally and yet to date, this segment of the workforce has been largely underserved by enterprise communications providers. RingCentral’s new solution for Frontline Workers, which includes push to talk capabilities, AI video meetings, and team messaging, is a unique differentiator when it comes to better connecting frontline and back office workers with simple and effective multi-channel communications.”

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