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Respected Team Of Health Professionals, Scientists And Entrepreneurs Launch First Health Security Company In The U.S.

Category Creator, TestZone, Provides Multi-Layered Health Security Services to Businesses, Organizations and Schools Nationwide;

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way American businesses build and implement employee health and wellness programs, probably forever. Universities, reeling from the effects of forced distance learning, need to find better ways to protect the on-campus health of staff and students. The entertainment, accommodation, travel and hospitality industries have seen dramatic declines in participation that will not change until robust solutions are made available to keep their facilities safe. Whether an organization faces a global pandemic or a local food-borne outbreak, health threats need to be addressed and contained quickly to maintain financial stability(TestZone).

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To address these growing needs, a group of scientific and public health professionals have joined together to launch the world’s first Health Security company: TestZone. TestZone offers businesses, universities, manufacturers and entertainment companies multi-layered health security solutions designed to make their spaces safer against evolving threats.

“Health threats are never going away, but we can certainly do more to mitigate them. The only way to do that is to be proactive, not reactive,” says David Greenstein, TestZone co-founder and CEO. “To that end, a strategic Health Security program is now imperative for any successful organization.”

“Viruses are smart, as evidenced by how this new coronavirus has spread like wildfire around the world. We must, and can, be smarter. Public health professionals have long known what is needed to control viral disease outbreaks: multiple overlapping interventions which target both the microbe and the humans they infect,” says Angus Thomson, PhD, Senior Advisor for TestZone. “Like a slice of swiss cheese, each individual intervention – symptom screening, surface cleaning, preventive behaviors, testing and contract tracing – have limitations or ‘holes,’ which may let the virus leak through. But when you layer multiple interventions together in a Health Security program the holes are blocked and the entry and spread of the virus is mitigated.”

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TestZone provides comprehensive turnkey programs to keep spaces safer. Programs include expert consultative design that may include symptom screening, hygiene and sanitation measures, behavior change communications, fully-staffed onsite and at-home viral testing, and contact tracing. All of this is coordinated and managed at the individual level through an innovative app, developed by technologists and public health experts from Harvard and MIT, which allows reporting and tracking of symptoms, test appointments and results, contacts, and vaccination records.

TestZone’s experts in diagnostics and the regulatory environment are constantly tracking the rapid developments in new tests, including regulatory approvals, to secure access to the most appropriate testing solutions. Close monitoring of the rapidly evolving science of COVID-19 means that TestZone programs are informed by the most robust science available.

“Advances in testing technology often show great promise, but those promises often go unfulfilled for lack of a way to implement them effectively. TestZone prides itself on identifying the right technology for the right application to benefit public health. To meet that goal, we are purposely test agnostic, constantly on the lookout for new solutions that can advance our mission,” says Elliot Cowan, Chief Regulatory Officer, TestZone.

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