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Remote Data Wipe Feature in Jetico’s BCWipe Boosts Security of Work from Home

Effectively Wipe Selected Files on SSD with BCWipe — Enterprise Edition

Jetico, developer of best-in-class data wiping software, announced today the new release of BCWipe — Enterprise Edition. By using a web browser, administrators are empowered with a remote data wipe feature for selected files on both HDD and SSD, boosting security of working from home.

“There’s a myth that wiping all traces of an individual file isn’t possible on SSD”

“Most of us are now quite familiar with working remotely, but being away from the office comes with increased security risks,” explains Jetico CEO Michael Waksman. “The new BCWipe — Enterprise Edition was designed with this problem in mind. Our solution empowers administrators to manage and control wiping of selected files from the comfort of their homes.”

BCWipe — Enterprise Edition’s remote data wipe feature allows administrators to run wiping tasks by using a simple web browser. Client workstations and computers with the Jetico Central Manager (JCM) Console securely communicate with the JCM Server by relying on the encrypted HTTPS protocol.

In addition, wiping tasks on SSD can be performed more efficiently than ever with BCWipe’s Reserved Space Manager. This innovative feature can be remotely enabled on client workstations by Jetico Central Manager administrators.

“There’s a myth that wiping all traces of an individual file isn’t possible on SSD,” says Waksman. “Not only does BCWipe make this possible, but users can also wipe free space more efficiently. Jetico’s innovative Reserved Space Manager will save significant time for wiping free space by preserving previously wiped space in a clean state.”

Among the new features of BCWipe — Enterprise Edition includes role-based access control, which administrators can set up to share responsibilities and assign access to the JCM Console based on a person’s role.

Administrators will also have more in-depth control over the entire wiping process, from discovery to reporting. The progress of wiping tasks is seen in real time and logs can be viewed for any running or completed tasks. This technical advantage will provide admins with detailed information on every PC with wiping-related stats.