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Recruiter.com Announces New Artificial Intelligence Platform

Capable of Profiling Half a Billion Candidates

Recruiter.com Group, Inc. (OTCQB: RCRT) (“Recruiter.com”), a leading online hiring platform, announced the launch of its artificial intelligence (“AI”) powered candidate sourcing technology. Recruiter.com’s network of over 26,000 recruiters can now find within minutes ideally suited candidates for jobs using the power of its AI platform, which is capable of profiling half a billion candidates.

“We believe that Recruiter.com is the first platform in the world to offer recruiters access to both jobs and AI matched candidates,” said Recruiter.com CEO, Evan Sohn. “We are building premium SaaS offerings to address the growing demand for AI-driven platforms that rapidly profile and match job candidates for prospective employers. The market opportunity for AI-driven recruiting platforms is valued at $580 million and is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 6.76% during 2020-2025,” according to IndustryARC™.

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Sohn continued, “Recruiters and employers often ask, ‘how large is your candidate database?’ With the release of our AI sourcing tool with hundreds of millions of candidates, the answer is ‘nearly limitless.’ By giving our virtual network of recruiters this powerful new platform powered by Censia, we will be able to extend our best-in-class recruiting delivery capability to virtually any company anywhere in the country.”

Recruiter.com recently announced that Deborah Leff, a leader and industry CTO in AI and machine learning, was appointed to its Board of Directors. Deborah Leff commented: “I joined the board of Recruiter.com because of their strong leadership and vision to create the world’s largest and most capable AI-driven recruiting platform. I am excited to lend my AI industry experience to help their leadership fulfill their mission.”

Recruiter.com is a hiring platform that connects employers with small and independent recruiters. Recruiter.com empowers businesses to recruit specialized talent faster with virtual teams of recruiters and AI job-matching technology.

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