QBE North America Leverages Artificial Intelligence To Help Improve Employee Safety

QBE North America is pleased to announce a partnership with VelocityEHS, the global leader in cloud-based environment, health, safety (EHS) and sustainability solutions, to offer its Humantech Industrial Ergonomics software as a service. This software delivers innovative, AI-based sensorless motion-capture technology to QBE customers, enabling them to recognize employee ergonomics issues in the workplace in real time.

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Musculoskeletal disorder injuries (strains and sprains) are a leading cause of workplace injuries for companies and their employees across the United States.i These injuries are often painful, debilitating, and can be expensive.

With embedded artificial intelligence powered by decades of professional analytical ergonomics experience, this new solution is available virtually or via onsite consultations. Once a report is generated, QBE’s Global Risk Services’ consulting team can provide tailored solutions to help prevent worker injuries.

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Why motion capture?

  • Accurate – Eliminates the variability of human error that comes with traditional, observation-based methods.
  • Fast – Reduces the ergonomics assessment process from hours to just minutes.
  • Precise – Obtains greater fidelity and gather more data than the human eye can see.
  • Easy – No in-depth training is needed, and no extra equipment, sensors, or wearables are required.

How does it work?

  • Take a video of an operator performing a job or task.
  • Upload it to the Humantech Industrial Ergonomics software. Through artificial intelligence and computer vision, the software recognizes body segments and records joint angles, frequencies, and durations of the postures during movement.
  • Receive results in minutes. The output displays a skeletal overlay on the original video and indicates the risk levels in colored lines.

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