Prime Talent Chain, Making the Much-Needed Transformation for the Recruitment Industry with Skill Communities

Prime Talent Chain Announces the Development of Skill Communities, a Curated Database That Can Disrupt the Recruitment and Staffing Industry

Prime Talent Chain has announced the development of skill communities based on Blockchain, which can help accelerate the recruitment process. This is aimed at offering a robust and immutable database using Blockchain’s flagship characteristics; decentralization and immutability.

“52% of recruiters feel that the hardest part of recruiting is resume screening. So PTC creates a highly curated database system, that comprises of verified and skilled professionals which eliminates the need for extensive and exhaustive search engines,” says Ravi Kumar, CEO, Prime Talent Chain.

The ‘PrimeSource’ tool sources the resumes for the ‘PrimeScreen’ tool to perform the vetting. The PrimeParser segregates the resumes based on parameters like skill set, location, educational qualification etc. to form skill communities. The recruiters can access the required skill communities and get the best-fit in no time. Thus, skill communities become the one-stop solution for what is lacking in the recruitment industry, a verified talent pool.

“The job seekers get daily updates on the availability of jobs. They also can experience learning programs through direct training, webinars, podcasts etc. PTC is an automated ecosystem and this allows a faster ‘everything’, from updates to communication to candidature status. PTC is crowdfunding to develop and amplify the same,” says Ravi Kumar, CEO, Prime Talent Chain.

The current recruitment industry takes a lot of time, investment and resources. However, 95% of companies admit to recruiting the wrong people each year. PTC’s easy workflow for the two important stakeholders, employers and job seekers, eliminates any other third parties.

Prime Talent Chain (PTC) with the concept of Skill Communities aspires to revolutionize the recruitment industry. Backed by advanced technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, and Big Data, Prime Talent Chain has carved out tools that are exceptional. The company seeks funds to develop a sophisticated PTC app for every recruiter and job seekers’ benefits and wants you to partake in the same.