LeggUP Expands Mental Health Services Through Partnership with Morneau Shepell

LeggUP enhances its platform with a network of mental health professionals focused on delivering Morneau Shepell’s digital solution, AbilitiCBT

LeggUP announced today the expansion of its network of professionals to support the delivery of Morneau Shepell’s internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy solution, AbilitiCBT, across the United States. LeggUP’s core technology supports the recruitment, onboarding and training of custom provider networks for global enterprises.

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This partnership is part of Morneau Shepell’s roadmap to continue expanding upon its digital mental health services throughout North America. LeggUP was selected for its track record in building global networks of providers with proven results and its commitment to expanding access to quality mental health care to as many Americans as possible.

Morneau Shepell’s monthly Mental Health Index™ reports have continued to show a trend of declining mental health for Canadians, with findings showing that the strained mental health of Americans may be here for the long term.

“Existing mental health options in the United States should be driven by technology and clinical adherence. Through our strategic partnership with Morneau Shepell, we’ll connect a diverse group of mental health professionals with people in need through the consumer grade AbilitiCBT digital platform,” explained Tom Finn, Co-Founder and CEO of LeggUP.

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Morneau Shepell’s AbilitiCBT solution currently includes programs for generalized anxiety, anxiety related to a pandemic, depression, pain management and insomnia, and will soon expand with new programs for trauma, grief and loss and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), as well as additional content for panic disorder and social anxiety. AbilitiCBT is guided by a professional therapist through a digital platform accessible anywhere. Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the most effective forms of therapy. It works by helping individuals understand and change the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that are causing problems. AbilitiCBT combines the convenience of virtual access with the same benefits of in-person therapy to provide meaningful mental health support to people struggling with mental health challenges.

“Over the past few months alone, we have provided support to tens of thousands of individuals through AbilitiCBT. Our partnership with LeggUP will allow us to efficiently reach a greater portion of those who need the type of clinically effective support our solution can deliver, anytime, anywhere, from any device,” said Nigel Branker, president, health and productivity solutions for Morneau Shepell.

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