Laserfiche Introduces the Future of Work at Empower 2019

Laserfiche a leading global provider of enterprise content management (ECM) software—will hold its annual Empower Conference Feb. 5-8, 2019, in Long Beach, California. Under the theme The Future of Work, the conference will welcome more than 4,000 attendees from over 30 countries to the Long Beach Convention Center. Attendees will have the opportunity to network, hear about new tools and trends, and learn how to build more digitally driven, connected and intelligent enterprises.

“Digital transformation is no longer an option; it’s a necessity for organizations to keep pace with customer and employee expectations,” said Karl Chan, President at Laserfiche. “Laserfiche provides a framework for the visionary digital initiatives that go beyond IT, enable growth and innovation, and transform lives.”

Empower will offer more than 250 sessions and hands-on labs that focus on accelerating how business gets done. Conference-goers will learn about:

  • The latest process automation tools including robotic process automation (RPA), decision automation and process intelligence
  • Updates to Laserfiche software aimed at providing more flexibility for organizations to build solutions catered to their needs, and enhancements to the overall user experience
  • Customer success stories that focus on real-world applications of Laserfiche technology and digital transformation

“We are excited to welcome our community of innovators to Empower,” said Chris Wacker, CEO of Laserfiche. “This will be our largest Empower conference yet, and we look forward to offering a space for future-minded individuals to learn and network among other leaders. Attendees will gain tools and techniques to help position themselves as change agents within their organization, in their industry and the world.”

Laserfiche will also provide a live broadcast of select sessions, including:

  • Robotic Process Automation: Leave the Busywork to the Bots—Get a sneak peek of Laserfiche’s upcoming RPA features while also learning how software robots can work alongside employees to boost productivity.
  • Machine Learning at Laserfiche: Future Technology Preview—Learn how Laserfiche is exploring machine learning to automate and streamline processes and document management.
  • Getting Women into STEAM Careers—Join Lisa Mae Brunson, founder of Wonder Women Tech, as she discusses workplace inclusivity and how to create a workplace for everyone.