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LANgineers Introduces Elevated Body Temperature Detection Systems for Business

Thermal imaging cameras can help keep people safe from COVID-19 and help reopen businesses as soon as possible.

The CDC “considers a person to have a fever when he or she has a measured temperature of 100.4° F (38° C) or greater.” LANgineers is helping businesses with a safe, fast method to screen all staff and customers entering a business. With their high accuracy thermal imaging cameras, it is not necessary for an employee to risk exposure to infection by standing directly in front of a possibly infected person with a hand-held thermometer.

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The LANgineers Elevated Body Temperature Detection System operates at a safe distance (about 10 feet away from subjects) is non-invasive and fast and can discreetly alert staff of anyone entering the building with a relatively high body temperature.

Details about the LANgineers Elevated Body Temperature Detection System:

  • Simultaneous screening, up to 60 persons per minute
  • No operator needed
  • Complete and unobtrusive installation by LANgineers. Portable systems for patrolling inspectors are also available.
  • Variety of alert and notification methods
  • Available accuracy to within 0.3 degrees centigrade
  • Temperature screening, mask detection, stranger alarm, search and report, are among the many features
  • Confirming identity even when the visitor is wearing a mask
  • Fast video search of target people, such as people with abnormal temperatures, without masks, etc…

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