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KosmoTime’s Time Manager Integrates with Asana to Address the Glaring Problem with Task Management Tools: Getting Actual Work Done

KosmoTime, a Time Manager,  launched a new integration with Asana to help busy professionals complete more tasks when using the project management tool. KosmoTime syncs with Asana accounts and automatically moves assigned tasks to the KosmoTime dashboard. From there, users can add tasks to their calendars to commit to getting the work done. KosmoTime also blocks all distractions by shutting down tabs irrelevant to the task at-hand and snoozing notifications from messaging platforms like Slack.

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“Organizing the team’s work in Asana is a great start, but the tasks still need to get done by each team member; that’s where KosmoTime comes in,” said Nicolas Vandenberghe, co-founder and CEO of KosmoTime. “With our distraction blocking, users can enjoy uninterrupted blocks of work in their calendar and feel accomplished at the end of each day.”

KosmoTime helps professionals reach their full productivity potential by batching tasks in blocks, blocking work time on the calendar, and blocking distractions. When busy professionals are ready to execute tasks in KosmoTime, its active Time Manager assistant proactively eliminates distractions to create focus needed to accomplish meaningful work.

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Asana is a useful tool for tracking and organizing tasks. However, it leaves it up to each individual on how to get the work done. Professionals are typically running from meeting to meeting, and when they have time to revisit their Asana dashboards, they feel overwhelmed from all the tasks they have yet to accomplish. Once they do start working through their Asana tasks, they are then often disrupted and distracted by notifications, emails, messages or are jumping between dozens of open tabs. KosmoTime helps by addressing the “3 Blocks:” batching tasks in blocks, blocking time on the calendar and blocking distractions.

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