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KosmoTime Reinvents The To-Do List By Combining Task And Calendar Management With Distraction Blocking

KosmoTime helps busy, multitasking professionals to reach their full productivity potential

KosmoTime today launched its new task management tool that reinvents the to-do list by automatically establishing work time on the calendar and blocking distracting notifications. When busy professionals create a to-do list in KosmoTime, it does more than capture a list of tasks – it acts as an active assistant to proactively eliminate distractions to create the time and focus needed to accomplish meaningful work.

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“Having tried a variety of to-do list, calendar and task management apps, I saw the opportunity to combine the most useful elements of each into a single application,” said Nicolas Vandenberghe, co-founder and CEO for KosmoTime. “Traditional to-do lists are great at capturing what needs to get done, but they don’t help professionals with completing them. Kosmo helps users accomplish more through dedicated time that is distraction-free.”

KosmoTime is the first task management tool that combines the following features:

  1. Task Management: The to-do list active assistant “Kosmo” helps users prioritize and group tasks into focused sprints. Its intelligent batching and job creation capabilities, based on behavior science, helps group related tasks to minimize context switching (https://www.kosmotime.com/context-switching/). KosmoTime also lets users bookmark any URL and turn it into a task in one click. All assignments are organized, tracked and stored.
  2. Calendar Management: With KosmoTime tasks don’t sit idle waiting to be completed or forgotten. It analyzes tasks by type and helps you block time on the calendar for work completion. Users can drag and drop tasks from the to-do list directly into their calendar and add tasks directly from sprints. With Kosmo, users take back control of their time – with help.
  3. Distraction Blocking: Today’s busy professionals are bombarded with browser notifications, emails, slack pings, or merely the temptation to check Facebook. KosmoTime knows when to close down tabs and turn off notifications based on task scheduling. The result is more focused time that was automatically established by Kosmo without any effort.

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Customer testimonials of KosmoTime:

  • “Finally someone aced the todo list.” – Porush Puri, business analyst at Hashcove and co-creator of DeviationApps.
  • “So many aspects of my book, Indistractable, in this product. Congrats Daniel Threlfall and team.” – Nir Eyal, author of Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life
  • “I love being able to group tasks into sprints, and also the fact that any tasks I add are actually added to my calendar! It means I can see what tasks are coming next on all my devices with calendars and I haven’t found another service that does that.” – Aaron Kim, marketing coordinator at Maxii Luxii

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