IKIKO Aims to Change Both the Culture and the Future of Job Recruitment Websites

The Grassroots Upstart Has Big Plans to Revolutionize the Job Market in 2019

IKIKO, the first job recruitment website to maintain complete transparency throughout the employment application process, is set to launch in Spring 2019. With a large portion of Americans currently unemployed or “missing” from the job market, IKIKO aims to become the “Match.com™” of the e-recruitment industry.

IKIKO is an easy-to-use site that allows its members, be it a future employee or a future employer, to discover both the perfect job and the ideal candidate by matching one another through a targeted and transparent filtration process that generates a list of possible employers and employees without revealing any personal information.

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“We developed IKIKO tirelessly over the past three years because we recognized a couple major flaws in the current e-recruitment market—transparency and qualification,” says Emery Chuang, founder and partner of IKIKO.com. “In the past, job posters have been inundated with the applications of candidates who aren’t qualified for the job they are applying for. This means several qualified future employees are slipping through the cracks, their resumes landing in a hopeless slush pile. With IKIKO, we make sure only the most qualified candidates are paired with the best possible employer, regardless of race, gender, or age. It’s that simple.”

By charging a nominal application fee, IKIKO creates an environment that separates the “window shoppers” from serious candidates. Without having to sift through thousands of resumes of under-qualified applicants, job posters can more easily find the employee they are looking for.

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“We believe everyone should have an equal chance to find their ideal job and their ideal employee,” says Chuang. “If you feel like you’ve been left behind in your job search, IKIKO is here to get you back out in front.”

IKIKO’s goal is to seamlessly bridge the gap between job applicant and job poster. Throughout the application process, IKIKO keeps applicants up-to-date on the progress of their resume, notifying each member digitally when their application is being considered, accepted, or rejected.

“I think the message and mantra of IKIKO can be defined in one simple sentence,” says Chuang. “Serious applicants only.”

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