Geoverse Joins With Sigma IT Consulting And Senseware To Help Enterprises Prepare For A Safe Return To The Office In 2021

Solution measures real-time data on physical environment against people’s behavior, enabled by private cellular networks

Geoverse today announced it is partnering with Sigma IT Consulting and Senseware on a solution to help businesses and communities reopen and operate safely. The solution leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things-based (IoT) environmental sensing, and private cellular networks to help provide a safer environment for those organizations transitioning back to the office or place of work.

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“Already organizations today are preparing for a return to the office with our platforms but integrating it as part of a broader AI-based solution with the ability to network and share the related info to the stakeholders will only help to accelerate this transition”

Functionally, the solution can monitor and detect the physical environment in real time against people’s behavior, measure the local air quality, initiate air mitigation responses if necessary, and share the resulting status information with local staff and user communities. The AI-enabled thermal cameras monitor and count the tenants and visitors transiting a common space like an office, hotel lobby, or school entrance, and will detect in real time those who are adhering to mask and distancing guidelines.

In addition, these thermal cameras can detect those who may be exhibiting elevated temperatures so they can be quickly isolated. With this real-time localized status information, proactive measures can be launched across a number of fronts, from adjusting HVAC systems and initiating the onsite industrial IoT air sensing mitigation systems, to notifying staff and tenants in the building of current conditions so they can respond accordingly.

Sigma IT, a subsidiary of the Sigma Group, is an expert in building and applying AI and computer vision for industrial IoT use cases and helps many organizations with their digital transformation strategy. Computer vision is the domain that evaluates how computers can gain high-level understanding from digital images and video. It ultimately seeks to learn and automate tasks along the lines of a human visual system against triggers in these images. This application is just one of many that could be applied across a number of enterprise environments, including security at an office, port or stadium.

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Senseware is a leader in the development of unified, scalable, turnkey IoT platforms that can monitor and mitigate airborne threats across indoor physical environments like schools, healthcare facilities, and more. These systems can detect for COVID today and are already in commercial use.

By integrating and connecting these systems with a dedicated high-performance private cellular network, the solution can extend its reach and application by sharing the real-time data across the environment and community it is serving. Collectively, it is a powerful and effective platform that can be applied across physical environments when the world takes a step toward returning to public spaces. The system is already being deployed at Geoverse’s Bellevue, Washington, headquarters.

“This partnership with innovators like Sigma IT and Senseware helps us reach a broader audience by demonstrating how these networked solutions can be realistically applied in today’s environment to help address real world challenges. We simply don’t want to hand off a network to an enterprise and have them figure out on their own what can be done with it. We want to be a vested partner that demonstrates more than just the basic connectivity aspect, hence the Value Beyond Connectivity we promote,” said Geoverse CEO and Co-founder Rod Nelson.

“We have great experience of developing creative and innovative solutions to solve customers’ business problems and technical challenges. Together with Geoverse’s solution, we can address business problems that require reliable networks and low latency. With this joint solution, we can help enterprises across verticals to digitally transform the way they do business, from logistics to resource extraction, to education,” said Mattias Zaunders, Sigma IT’s vice president of Digital Innovation.

“Already organizations today are preparing for a return to the office with our platforms but integrating it as part of a broader AI-based solution with the ability to network and share the related info to the stakeholders will only help to accelerate this transition,” said Senseware CEO Dr. Serene Almomen.


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