Crest Payroll Experiences Exponential Growth Under New Management of Payroll Logix

In April 2018, Crest Payroll, a cloud-based payroll software company was acquired by Payroll Logix. The new Executive Management put emphasis on two critical success factors: Customer Service and Accountant-centric Product development.

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Recent Customer Surveys have confirmed about a paradigm shift in managing company’s day to day operations. Crest Payroll has become more customer savvy and has heavily invested in quality customer care. Turnaround time has been reduced by 30%. Surveys also acknowledge enhanced Customer Service due to reduced response time and knowledgeable Support teams.

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Crest Payroll is offered only to Accountants. Customer-centric product features, top-notch support and overall value are the key drivers in building Customers’ trust and loyalty. Accountants and Payroll Service Providers are excited and convinced about Crest Payroll being a stronger alternative to existing Desktop/Cloud-based Payroll Software.

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