COVID CEO Pledge Issues Call to Action to Marketing Services CEO’s to Cut Salaries by 50 Percent

All CEOs, founders and owners of independent marketing service agencies are invited to join in taking the COVID CEO Pledge. By taking the pledge, CEOs commit to a salary reduction of 50 percent through at least the end of the second quarter of 2020.

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All savings from salary reductions should be reinvested in the preservation of jobs or the addition of new jobs if participating firms are actively hiring.

“Given the current uncertainties as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the impact on the labor market in the marketing services sector could be potentially devastating,” stated Matt Rizzetta, CEO of North 6th Agency (N6A). “It’s incumbent on us as business leaders that we do our part to preserve jobs and stimulate the employment market within our profession to the best of our ability.”

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Interested CEOs, founders and owners can take the pledge at

“Since we went live with the pledge on Sunday night, we’ve been overwhelmed by the response,” said Rizzetta. “Leaders in our profession are stepping up and doing the right thing. We’ve already received pledges totaling several million dollars in annualized salaries that will be reinvested into the preservation or addition of jobs in our industry. It is critical that we lead by example and set the right precedent when it comes to integrity and commitment to job preservation for leaders in other industries to follow.”

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