Colorado State University Global to Launch New Division of On-Demand, Online Upskilling Training Options

Direct Path Education™ will help job seekers gain skills and prepare for industry certifications to re-enter the job market and move forward in relevant fields.

Colorado State University Global (CSU Global) – a premier provider of innovative higher-learning opportunities through high-quality, career-relevant, and affordable online education – is proud to announce a new division to focus on training opportunities and upskilling for job seekers.

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Direct Path Education™ is built to provide high-quality upskilling and knowledge opportunities in an easily accessible, on-demand, online learning community. Courses will focus on identified industry-specific topics and trends as well as exam preparation for professional certifications where skilled employees are in high demand. Many of the courses will be eligible for transfer into CSU Global’s degree and certificate programs upon completion or after earning the aligned industry credential.

“We believe 2021 will be the start of economic recovery but cannot ignore the devastating effects that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on workforce reduction and operations across the board, with select areas like the gig economy and industries such as retail and manufacturing being hit the hardest,” states CSU Global president Pamela Toney. “Direct Path Education will help provide workers who suffered career and professional setbacks with recognized short-term learning opportunities in industries with significant employment shortages and skills gaps.”

Direct Path Education™ is launching with pilot programs that prepare learners for CompTIA A+ or CompTIA Security+ exams. These six-week courses are instructor-facilitated and include practice exams and vouchers to earn these professional certificates upon successful completion of the material. Also included in the launch are self-paced, low-cost courses for healthcare professionals and administrators, K-12 educators, and first responders, with more courses on the horizon. Employers and learning providers will also have the opportunity to submit their organizational training and subject matter courses to be added to the Direct Path online learning community center.

“As a public university with a dedicated mission of providing professional success for students, we realize that there are many pathways for relevant and quality education,” continued Toney. “That doesn’t always start with enrolling in a full degree program. Through Direct Path Education, we look to provide the type of ‘just-in-time’ education that helps modern learners today while also setting them up on a path for lifelong learning and continual advancement into future academic programs later in their career.”

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