Clarity Benefit Solutions Discusses Why Employers Are Shifting Focus from Cost-Sharing to Care Management

Employee benefits administration company, Clarity Benefit Solutions, discusses why employers are shifting focus from cost-sharing to care management.

Health benefits are rising for so many—especially for those who work for smaller companies. As a result, employees are burdened with additional expenses they may not be prepared for. Thankfully, many employers are now shifting from cost-sharing medical plans to care management plans. These cost-saving measures help employees make their benefits easier to afford, and by directing employees toward a care management approach, it may even reduce employer costs as well. Employers must offer employees a network cost-effective quality provider, tips for managing specialty medications, and opioid addiction treatment and prevention.

Employers should strongly consider a swing to high-deductible, consumer-directed health plans (CDHPs). Not only do these plans cost less than traditional offerings, employers can offer these CDHPs with Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). Then employers can contribute more money into these accounts and employees will have more opportunities to proactively care for themselves and their family members.

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Employers who want employees to miss less time from work are factoring telemedicine services into their offerings so employees can be diagnosed with illnesses without going to the doctor’s office. Employees are also more likely to seek these services because they are easy, and they can obtain second opinions from qualified specialists. Another care management option rising in popularity is offering targeted programs to employees who are chronically ill. Diabetes and cancer are prime examples. Treating employees through the duration of the issue can really help employees when issues arise during treatment and can result in more positive patient outcomes and a higher level of satisfaction.

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Shifting from cost-sharing to care management can have powerful impact on employees’ lives. It shows that employers truly care about their employees outside of the workplace and are invested in their health and happiness. Progressive employers should be proactive about promoting a healthy lifestyle in the office. Provide health snacks and drinks, offer free gym memberships, provide financial assistance, and mental health support.

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