CEO of HMG Strategy Predicts That Tech-Driven Economic Growth Will Continue Despite Uncertainty Over Global Geopolitical Risks

Hunter Muller, President and CEO of HMG Strategy, one of the world’s largest independent and most trusted provider of executive networking events and thought leadership for technology leaders, predicts in a recent blog post that technology-led economic growth will continue despite market uncertainty over geopolitical risks such as the increased tensions between the U.S. and Iran.

“When you look at the fundamentals, nothing has really changed,” said Muller in his blog post. “Innovative technology companies are still driving a truly amazing and unparalleled surge in the global economy. The convergence of newer technologies and advanced capabilities such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, augmented reality, facial recognition, robotic process automation, high-speed broadband and hybrid cloud are fueling an exceptional renaissance of creativity and invention,” Muller added.

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New technologies have sparked a revolution in creativity and productivity that’s unmatched by anything we’ve seen before, said Muller.

Muller is confident that companies will continue developing and implementing innovative new technologies across multiple industries – which will have a multiplier effect.

“Together, we will increase wealth, help billions of people attain higher levels of prosperity and collaborate effectively to solve serious global challenges such as climate change and income inequality.”

Stock markets are like people, Muller analogizes they startle easily and return to equilibrium fairly quickly. “Yes, we’re facing a moment of uncertainty and elevated geopolitical risk,” said Muller. “But the long-term outlook remains strong.”

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