BeachCoders and CareerGig announced today that they have joined forces to fulfill the increasing demands of today’s evolving workforce and economics. CareerGig, the online marketplace that provides diverse insurance, financial, and education benefits to freelancers and contractors looks to draw on its 850,000+ registered users to fulfill the hiring needs of BeachCoders®, an industry leading web coding ‘bootcamp’ that uniquely enables students to control the depth and pace of their technology education.

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Each BeachCoders® course module is offered as a stand-alone professional certificate, and empowers students to change career opportunities in a more flexible time period.

Additionally, the courses are designed to work together in any combination based on the needs and desires of each individual. By having the flexibility to choose their schedule and budget, students can keep a healthy life balance while they skill-up for today’s top paying tech jobs.

“BeachCoders’ mission from day one is to provide affordable and flexible technology training for career-minded professionals regardless of their background. We meet the needs of everyone from new graduates to more experienced professionals looking to increase their skills, or pivoting their careers altogether,” said James DeCicco, CEO and Founder of BeachCoders. “With CareerGig’s access to thousands of qualified candidates, and their platform that gives candidates access to healthcare and benefits, it’s a win for everyone and I’m confident that we’ll fill the roles with excellent instructors.”

The pandemic shifted the majority of society to interact and work in the digital space. In order to meet enrollment demands in an increasingly remote and virtual learning environment, BeachCoders is looking to hire an additional 300 work from home instructors to train and educate students online. Enter CareerGig’s ready, skilled, and verified workforce.

“CareerGig looks forward to matching the skilled freelancers to provide the technology educators BeachCoder needs to prepare the increasing demands of today’s workforce,” said Jeff Tennery CareerGig’s Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO), who spearheaded this alliance.

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As one of the world’s largest freelancer platforms matching freelancers and contractors to employers, CareerGig also provides independent access to guaranteed issue health, life, and disability insurance, education and training opportunities, and other financial services and benefits to freelancers within the 50 United States and the District of Columbia.

“It’s exciting to continue expanding the CareerGig brand and offerings both our business partnerships and the contractors and freelancers they hire,” said Greg Kihlstrom, CareerGig’s CEO and Co-Founder. “Our goal is to accelerate and optimize human potential to support the future of work, and this coordinates well with BeachCoders mission. I am confident in our capabilities to offer enhanced sourcing, matching, hiring, and retention to BeachCoders and other companies looking to hire contractors and freelancers.”

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