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Canadian Business: Working From Home Hits Productivity and Morale

Latest survey from Modus shows that large numbers of businesses find working from home has a negative impact on productivity and morale

In the latest survey from The Business Monitor, released by Modus Research, Canadian businesses were asked whether or not their organization required employees to work from home at any time during 2020, and if so, the impact that it had on productivity, morale and motivation.

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Among those organizations that required employees to work from home (68% of all and 93% of large organizations), more than half saw a negative impact in moral and motivation (more than double the number seeing benefits). Large numbers of employers also saw a negative impact on productivity.

This survey was carried out among a representative sample of over 700 Canadian managers and executives at the end of 2020. Unlike other business surveys, the sample is fully random and representative of all Canadian businesses.

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