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Awingu Helps Businesses Organize Secure and Cost-Effective Work From Home, Launches New Version Awingu 5.0

Today, Awingu launches its latest major release: Awingu 5.0. The release will elevate Awingu with ‘Zero Trust-grade security’. In times where businesses require technology to enable “Work From Home”, it is crucial this is set up within the best security standards.

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Awingu firmly believes in a “Zero Trust” security context for businesses. Zero Trust is an all-encompassing strategy involving users, devices, applications, networks and so on. It’s not limited to a single security product or vendor, and it is is based on the mantra “never trust, always verify”. For example, it is not because a user enters the correct password during a VPN login, that everything happening thereafter can be considered ‘secure’. Awingu fits nicely into this Zero Trust concept, and with Awingu 5.0 it raises the bar with new features such as context-awareness.

“COVID-19 triggered businesses around the globe to increase capacity of their teleworking platforms, or even build solutions from scratch. In a lot of cases, this had to be done urgently and not always with the best security guidelines in mind,” says Walter Van Uytven, CEO at Awingu. “We have observed peaks in unprotected ‘Open RDP’ usage, usage of VPN on unmanaged devices, and so on. Unfortunately, this goes hand in hand with an increase in successful cyber-attacks.” More than ever, Awingu wants to support businesses with a secure, flexible and cost-effective solution for remote access and Work From Home.

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Awingu gives end-users access to their business applications, VDI or even office desktops via the browser. Users can use laptops that are managed by their IT departments, but also their personal devices (Bring Your Own Device, BYOD). “By adopting BYOD, businesses can quickly scale remote working and also significantly reduce the TCO of their End-User Computing with 45%,” adds Arnaud Marlière, CMO at Awingu. And thanks to Awingu’s ‘Zero Trust-grade security’, this can be done securely: no local data on the devices, an encrypted connection, multi-factor authentication (not just simple passwords), context-awareness (e.g. avoid access to sensitive data in defined countries), and a full usage audit.

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