AboveBoard Launches as a Revolutionary Solution For Building Executive & Board Diversity

Platform Flips the Traditional Recruiting Model by Empowering Executives & Connecting Companies Directly with Qualified Talent

Launching ,AboveBoard is a revolutionary solution for building executive and board diversity that radically changes how companies recruit for the most senior roles. Filling c-suite, board, and other senior-level positions is typically a closed process. AboveBoard flips the recruiting model by providing executives who sign up for the platform with unprecedented access to opportunities that previously would have been hidden. This openness connects companies to a broader, more inclusive pool of qualified executives than they would otherwise reach.

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“Executives should get hired based on what they know, not who they know. AboveBoard makes this possible.”

More than 350 openings for senior-level positions are already listed on AboveBoard. Leading private equity and venture capital firms including Warburg Pincus, Audax Group, Summit Partners, and Insight Partners, and some of the hundreds of companies in their portfolios are also hiring through AboveBoard. AboveBoard has already helped ACV Auctions add two key independent board members and has partnered with groups including Seizing Every Opportunity, Commune Angels, and Valence to increase opportunities for their executive members.

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“For years companies have pledged to increase diversity in their executive ranks and on their boards and have struggled to make any true progress. Companies cannot continue to use the same hiring methods and expect a different outcome. AboveBoard opens up the recruiting process and rebalances the power between candidates and hiring firms, to drive better results for executives and employers,” said Lucinda Duncalfe, Founder and CEO of AboveBoard. “Executives should get hired based on what they know, not who they know. AboveBoard makes this possible.”

“The importance of diversity, equity and inclusion as core values of leadership teams is undeniable,” said Asheesh Gupta, Managing Director, Audax Group. ”As we work to expand our practices and resources to widen the applicant pool for portfolio executive searches beyond our traditional sources, we are excited to partner with AboveBoard as they launch this new platform focused on helping firms attract diverse talent.”

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