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2020 is the Year Where Everyone Wins an Award

Get Your Shine Awards Launch to Inspire Peer-to-Peer Recognition, Positivity and Put More Smiles on People’s Faces

Intivine, Inc. announced today the Get Your Shine Awards, an inaugural campaign to inspire peer-to-peer recognition, focused on positivity and creating more smiles. The awards are a free tool that allow everyone to win when someone digitally sends one of six different awards to a person they wish to recognize.

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The awards are available to send today. Throughout the coming months, the campaign will introduce more details that offer the opportunity to win prizes as detailed on the awards website. A virtual ceremony will be hosted in March 2021, celebrating all those who were recognized.

The Get Your Shine Awards’ categories include:

  • Anti-Karen Award: The Anti-Karen category is dedicated to all people who do more than they’re asked, who do great things but don’t seek acknowledgement for it, who are amazing people that even when confronted with frustrating situations somehow rise above it and use their influence for positive change.
  • WFH Parent Award: The WFH Parent category recognizes parents who navigated the new normal of WFH (work from home) while balancing children and their daily activities and finding ways to move past the hardships of the situations to find solutions and move them and their family forward.
  • Virtual Teacher Award: The Virtual Teacher category is for any type of educator who flipped the experience of learning from being in-person to remotely, and while not only doing it to the best of their ability, they also maintained their joy and found the opportunities in the challenge of it all.
  • Frontline & Essential Workers Award: The Frontline & Essential Workers category recognizes people who helped us stay safe, healthy and able to access the necessities of life during the pandemic, who made life move forward while it felt in many ways like things had come to a halt.
  • Spark n’ Shine: The Spark n’ Shine category recognizes people who persevered and found growth and change this year; people who strived past the struggle and created something new, who participated in the advancement of social equality, or who helped motivate other people to stay positive and find possibility in the future to help them shine.
  • Shiny AF: The Shiny AF category represents those that shined… ‘a lot.’ This category allows people to get creative and share unique ways the recipient shined in 2020.

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The awards were created by AJ Sarcione, a former Yahoo and Verizon leader specializing in internal marketing, executive branding and employee engagement, who launched Get Your Shine earlier this year.

“The future is bright, and I hope these awards help people look back on this year and realize how much they shined,” said AJ Sarcione. “The launch of the Get Your Shine Awards coincides with my birthday, which makes me smile because it’s the start of something new, and I believe as people submit their peers for these fun, easy-to-send awards, smiles will help people look forward to the future.”

Get Your Shine offers products to support building a shine mindset, including Shine Dice™ and various books, and provides services for leaders to make successful people more successful and help companies activate cultures that shine.

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