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TechClean Is the Safest and Toughest Way to Pry Dirt and Germs From Your Phone

Gadget Guard introduces disposable, eco-friendly TechClean wipes to safely clean any electronic device

Finally, something that removes dirt and germs, but is still safe for your phone. Gadget Guard announced the availability of TechClean, 100% plant-based wipes moistened with a sodium laureth sulfate solution — a soap allowing you to clean any electronic device without causing damage.

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.@GadgetGuard introduces TechClean, the safest and toughest way to pry dirt & germs from your phone or any electronic device. The disposable, eco-friendly wipes “annihilate the coronavirus,” protecting you and your phone.

“TechClean is the easiest and best way to clean your phone or electronic device,” said Gentry Jensen, Gadget Guard president, “TechClean is our latest effort to protect electronic devices and the people who use them.”

Scientists told the New York Times that soap and water “annihilates the coronavirus” by breaking everything down at the molecular level. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says this solution is more effective than hand sanitizers. Soap and water are recommended as the most effective and safe way to clean germs from smartphones.

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Unlike alcohol-based cleaners, TechClean complements, rather than degrades factory-installed oleophobic coatings which reduce fingerprints and smudges.

This lab-tested, eco-friendly product is available online or at retailers in 20 count pouches for $9.99 and 60 count canisters for $19.99. Check out this blog for more information about TechClean.

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