Office Mobile Voice Notes With Real-Time Transcription Power Remote Work Productivity

NYC area Microsoft Partner explains new features in Office Mobile Voice Notes, including real-time transcription, synced text, and voice note sharing—in a new article from Messaging Architects

Messaging Architects, an eMazzanti Technologies Company and Microsoft expert, discusses new features of Microsoft’s Office Mobile Voice Notes program in a new article. The informative article first explains that in the new Voice Notes released earlier this year users gain several features, including real-time transcription.


The author also states that for Microsoft 365 subscribers, the utility provides the ability to differentiate among multiple speakers. He explains how to use the real-time transcription feature and text highlighting synced to playback. He concludes by reviewing how to export transcriptions and recordings.

“Modern mobile workers dictate memos on the subway, record inspiration in the taxi and conduct interviews on the sidewalk,” stated Greg Smith, Vice President of Services Delivery at Messaging Architects. “Microsoft makes that process easier with Office Mobile Voice Notes.”

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Below are a few excerpts from the article, “Office Mobile Voice Notes with Real-time Transcription Power Remote Work Productivity.”

Real-Time Speech to Text Transcription

“To record a voice note, open the Microsoft Office app on your device, then tap the + button at the bottom center of your screen. Select Voice from the Quick Capture popup menu. Tap the microphone icon to start recording. As you speak, the real-time transcription appears on the screen. Click Done to complete the recording and save the voice note to OneDrive.”

Text Highlighting Synced to Playback

“Voice Notes facilitates the reviewing process by highlighting the text during playback. That is, when you select a recording and tap Play, the utility highlights the text phrase by phrase in sync with the playback. This makes it much easier to find the spots in the text that need editing.”

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Share Office Mobile Voice Notes

“Office Mobile Voice Notes allows users to easily export transcriptions to Word. They can also share either the Word document or the audio file with others. For instance, to share the note, open the voice note and tap Share. Choose Word Document or Audio File.”

Differentiate Between Multiple Speakers

“For users with a Microsoft 365 subscription, Voice Notes will recognize multiple speakers and partition accordingly. For instance, if Voice Notes hears multiple voices, it will prompt the user to indicate whether everyone has given permission to be recorded. The real-time transcription will then proceed as normal.”

Get the Most Out of Microsoft 365

Microsoft continually upgrades its products, adding features to improve productivity and security. Contact the Microsoft Office experts at Messaging Architects to discuss how to optimize the organization’s use of Office Mobile and other Microsoft apps.

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