Motus Arriver Services Bring Enterprise-Level Buying Power to the Individual Mobile Worker

Suite of Resources Empower Employees and Reduce Overhead as Businesses Shed Corporate-Owned Assets in Favor of Reimbursement Programs

Motus, the definitive leader in reimbursement solutions for businesses with mobile-enabled workforces, today introduced Arriver Services, a suite of resources empowering Motus end users (“Arrivers”) to find, purchase, insure and maintain their business-essential assets more easily and at the best price. As organizations work to become more agile by moving away from corporate-owned assets and towards reimbursing employees for the business use of their personal vehicles and mobile devices, Motus Arriver Services provide world-class support for these business essentials without the added overhead.

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On a #reimbursement program? New @Motusdotcom Arriver Services are bringing enterprise-level resources and purchasing power for #drivers and #mobile workers.

According to the 2020 Mobile Workforce Benchmark Report, COVID-19-related stay at home orders left employers with 1.6 million idle fleet vehicles in early 2020, costing an average of $945 per vehicle per month. Mobile assets add to that wasted spend with 16% of devices in the average company provided device program never used and costing and average $1,063 per device each year. Many businesses are trimming this unnecessary spend by moving away from corporate-owned assets and instead opting to reimburse for the business use of employees’ personal assets – vehicles, mobile devices, home offices and more.

Mobile workers have more freedom to select their own assets in this new era, but they also face a myriad of choices and the added responsibility of finding, purchasing and maintaining those assets. By uniting Motus users, which together make up the world’s largest retained pool of drivers and an enterprise-level assembly of mobile device users, Motus is able to provide the services and support they need, while negotiating the best deals on their behalf.

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Much like the benefits of a traditional managed fleet program, Motus Arriver Services connect mobile employees with the services they need over the lifespan of their business-critical assets. These services, however, are delivered to Motus end users with the touch of a button at their home or driveway without additional managed service charges or corporate overhead. Arriver Services are also entirely on-demand and costs are incurred only when services are provided.

“Fleet managers, corporate IT departments and CFOs have been buying, leasing and maintaining business vehicles, mobile devices and offices in the same way for years. Now, organizations are increasingly realizing the strain these assets put on their resources and finances. However, shifting that burden to employees without proper support isn’t sustainable either,” said Todd Gebski, Chief Strategy Officer at Motus. “With Arriver Services, Motus is bringing together resources and purchasing power previously reserved for large enterprises, and making them accessible to mobile workers, many of whom are now in charge of their own assets.”

The initial Arriver Services offering focuses on vehicles and includes on-demand financing and leasing; online auto insurance; and mobile vehicle repair, maintenance and inspection. Additional services for vehicles and mobile devices will continue to be introduced in the coming months.

“At Motus, we are continually focused on making work life better for our end users. What will help make their field-level activities more seamless? What do they need to better do their jobs? As the market shifts to personally-owned assets, that means making it easier and more affordable to buy, insure, maintain and sell cars and mobile devices,” said Craig Powell, President and CEO of Motus. “In these times, it’s more critical than ever that those resources are convenient, cost-effective and – in most cases – delivered to the home. With Motus Arriver Services, we are continuing to empower our end users and their employers to manage the tools they rely on to be successful.”

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