Actsoft, Inc. Announces Rebrand of Flagship Platform to TeamWherx

  • Innovative Technology Boosts Productivity and Profitability

Actsoft, Inc. officially announced a new name for its flagship application called TeamWherx, previously known as Mobile Workforce Plus. This rebrand reflects the platform’s latest innovative enhancements, updated value proposition, and in-demand benefits and features.

“TeamWherx™ is the culmination of everything our application can do for our customers”

TeamWherx™ combines the power of digital communication and organization in the word “Team” with the ability to increase productivity and profitability wherever a business’s customers are and wherever its employees work in the coined suffix “Wherx.” The new brand name was created to better convey the true value of the company’s premier application to current customers and prospects, regardless of their industry.

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“TeamWherx™ is the culmination of everything our application can do for our customers,” said Tom Mitchell, Actsoft’s CEO. “This new platform name reflects our heightened focus on driving customer-centric benefits via the core capabilities of our solution. With TeamWherx, a business can be smarter, more efficient, and more successful. Our customers are successfully streamlining the daily management of their mobile workforces – while protecting their fleet and assets – in order to succeed now and in the future.”

As an innovative solution for remote field management, TeamWherx™ helps organizations with deskless or mobile staff run more efficiently via greater visibility into everyday operations with its digital suite of features. Businesses are empowered to save more money and drive more revenue by identifying the hidden inefficiencies in their companies that may be related to project scheduling, employee dispatching, team productivity or accountability, and HQ-to-field communication. The ability of TeamWherx™ to monitor employees while they work with GPS tracking (as well as the positions of company vehicles and assets around the clock) also helps paint a more accurate picture of field operations in near real-time.

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The rebrand of Actsoft’s flagship application to TeamWherx™ signals an exciting time for the organization, as it reflects the company’s deepened commitment to fostering strengthened relationships with its customers and employees. TeamWherx™ solidifies both the current and future visions of the company’s leadership in mobile resource management with a truly all-in-one software solution that delivers increased profitability and productivity to its users.

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