Explorance BlueML to Assist HR and Academic Leaders in Creating a more Resilient and Agile Workforce

Explorance, the leading supplier of People Insight Solutions, has announced the public release of Explorance BlueML and the commencement of a special free offer for the award-winning workforce and student sentiment analysis solution.

BlueML, an industry-leading machine learning (ML) platform trained on employee and student answers, offers actionable insights in minutes from enormous datasets of comments and feedback. Businesses and academic institutions can obtain a clearer picture of employee and student requirements and expectations, while also guiding proactive efforts to promote a more pleased, engaged, and well-trained workforce or student population, by eliminating the need for time-consuming manual review and data organization procedures.

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“Most organizations are unaware that they are sitting on a large source of untapped feedback datasets that can help improve their people’s overall experience and career journey,” said Samer Saab, Explorance’s Founder, and CEO. “With BlueML, organizations can now bring to light the uncommon connections, and deep insights, about employees or students, that are otherwise not easily accessible. With automated and intelligent analysis, the time and effort it takes to unlock data-driven decisions is significantly reduced, empowering organizations to act by evidence and not by assumption.”

In addition, the Explorance machine learning algorithms help to eliminate human bias while examining massive data sets. According to MIT News, a team of MIT and Harvard researchers discovered that training machine learning models on varied types of data might assist the models in minimizing bias. When making judgments, data sets with insufficient data are far more likely to discriminate. BlueML supports this approach by applying a similar interpretation to every employee and student input, ensuring a standard and equitable classification even when analyzing thousands of feedback comments.

Human resources have been promoted to more strategic responsibilities and discussions, allowing them to bring the employee voice into the boardroom. Human resources may use data to create initiatives for employee retention, engagement, and performance. Workers are constantly speaking out and sharing feedback, and high-performing organizations are learning how to listen and respond. When informed by employee sentiment and organized by diverse workgroups, the courageous dialogues that HR executives are conducting provide insight into choices that affect a whole workforce.

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Employee Experience and Learning Categorization Models give insights and crowdsourced recommendations to support activities that enable people to perform at their best and advance their careers. Meanwhile, the Student Experience Categorization Model enables academic leaders and administrators to zero in on the most important factors influencing student performance. BlueML powers the whole student educational experience, including application, student life, learning, and alumni.

“The technology innovations that Explorance is coming out with are vitally important.” Our research shows that most organizations (62%) do not have a strong understanding of the needs of their workforces, their skills, motivations, or what they value – and don’t value – in their employment. It is impossible to make great business and talent decisions without insights borne from people’s data. Many organizations are sitting on rich data that they don’t have the expertise or tools to analyze. Solutions like Explorance BlueML can be a real game-changer.”

Each personalized report will give executives an inside look at the workforce and student body mood, emphasize the most relevant themes affecting the organization and include a summary of actionable findings. Companies can offer Explorance with up to 1000 staff or student reviews.

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