MasterClass Expands Learning & Development Enterprise Platform MasterClass at Work

The fully integrated offering brings world-class storytelling to professional development with new, exclusive product offerings

 MasterClass, the streaming platform where anyone can learn from the world’s best announced the expansion of MasterClass at Work, its L&D enterprise offering, which provides companies with the most engaging learning and development materials through content taught by the world’s best in their fields. The expansion includes the L&D platform’s LMS integrations and new enterprise-exclusive content, Skill Builder and Paths, that addresses the needs of today’s leaders through active learning. The company also named its first Chief Business Officer, Nathan Smith, who will report into CEO David Rogier and oversee MasterClass at Work’s operations and the MasterClass L&D offering. Smith brings over 20 years of experience building international SaaS businesses in the data analytics space by designing and delivering high performing ROI solutions for many of the world’s largest businesses.
MasterClass at Work focuses on developing durable skills in employees of all levels through emotion-based learning, designed to maximize knowledge retention, entertain and inspire. The bite-sized content, immersive learning experience and employee engagement tracking allow businesses to match leadership lessons to their business needs. Current clients include Capital One, Deloitte, Microsoft, Block, Paypal and half of the Fortune 100 companies.
There’s been a regression in soft skills post-pandemic. The world has changed, and the workplace has drastically changed with it. Companies are starting to see gaps in how employees among different generations communicate, lead, and collaborate,” said Nathan Smith, CBO of MasterClass. “The need for learning and development materials that make a real impact on behavior and an ROI to tie back to is now more important than ever, and MasterClass at Work helps companies bridge this gap.”
The platform will feature two new products, Skill Builder and Paths, both enterprise-exclusive learning experiences that focus on helping employees develop the skills they need to thrive in their roles. Skill Builder and Paths feature multiple instructors from across the MasterClass catalog, bringing together the interdisciplinary expertise and diverse perspectives of luminaries, business leaders, artists, scientists and coaches to keep employees engaged and drive them toward a clear and measurable outcome.
Skill Builder focuses on a specific skill or capability such as public speaking, leading a team and personal growth. Each Skill Builder is delivered as a 20-minute video, and includes a narrator as the connective thread between instructors.
Paths start with a big challenge relevant to a role within the organization, and then outline the steps a person needs to take and the skills and mindset they need to develop to solve that challenge. Each Path includes active learning components like Playbooks, which support practice and application of learning, and Community Discussion, that are designed to foster critical thinking and feedback. Upcoming Paths cover challenges relevant to managers and people leaders including how to lead innovation, how to be a better decision-maker, how to think and act more strategically and how to build an inclusive team with world-renowned leaders like Bob Iger, Indra Nooyi, Richard Branson and Mellody Hobson.
“For most organizations today, employee success requires a holistic approach to learning – one that nurtures both emotional well-being and skill-focused development,” said Dr. John Scott, Head of Learning Design and Strategy for MasterClass. “By combining amazing storytelling with evidence-based learning design frameworks, we’re keeping employees engaged and helping them develop the skills they need to be more successful at life and in work.”
MasterClass at Work has also integrated with learning management systems and learning experience platforms including Degreed, which is MasterClass’ first integration with a Learning Experience Platform. The platforms unlock learning in the flow of work for employees and cultivate community through increased interactivity. Users can now discover and build learning experiences and programs with MasterClass content, including curated learning paths. Users will be directed to MasterClass to experience the content first hand, with progress and tracking supported.
Recently released and upcoming class launches include:
  • Mellody Hobson: Leveraging her experience in the C-suite and as a board member for Fortune 500 companies, including Starbucks Corp., JPMorgan Chase, the Estée Lauder Companies, DreamWorks Animation SKG and more, Ariel Investments Co-CEO, board director and philanthropist shares her tactics on strategic decision-making and how to apply a strategic framework to problem-solving to grow the leader within.
  • Kim Scott: Bestselling author, co-founder of Radical Candor® and renowned CEO coach breaks down her Radical Candor framework for soliciting, giving, gauging and encouraging feedback, cultivating an inclusive culture and empowering others to succeed.
  • James Clear: The author of Atomic Habits joins MasterClass later this summer, as the world heads back to work and school, to teach the power of building small habits, work/life balance and a growth mindset.  
  • Amy Poehler: Launching in September, viewers will get to see Poehler like never before as she steps out of the chair and onto the stage, teaching a live audience how the principles of improv can be incorporated into business and everyday life to navigate work, life and relationships. Workshopping real-life scenarios with the live audience, viewers will learn how to tackle the world through flexibility, openness and humor. “In my class, I’ll share what I’ve learned throughout my career to help anyone who is looking to be open, curious, and ready for an unprepared life,” said Poehler.
  • Jocko Willink: Former commander of Seal Team 3 takes members through stories from his special forces days and showcases how to apply them in the real world. Joined in a situation room with managers, executives and entrepreneurs, he demonstrates how these life-or-death moments can be applied to driving team engagement.

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