Learn to Stop Discrimination and Harassment at Work with New Online Training Courses

Mastery Training Services has released three new training courses focused on specific types of workplace discrimination to help employers create more safe and comfortable work environments.

Laws protect people under many different designations from discrimination, including race, ethnicity, age, gender, religion, or other characteristics not related to the actual requirements of the job. Often more general training courses focus mostly on discrimination based on race and ethnicity. These new courses dive deep into three other common types of workplace discrimination.

“Age Discrimination In The Workplace” covers the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA), the Older Workers Benefit Protection Act (OWBPA), hostility and harassment in the workplace, and retaliation.

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“Pregnancy Harassment And Discrimination” explains what is meant by pregnancy discrimination, who is protected from it, and how and why it is vital for your organization to be compliant. The course details the Pregnancy Discrimination and Work Act, the ADA and pregnancy, different types of related leave, and break time for nursing mothers.

“Religious Harassment And Discrimination In The Workplace” explains who is protected from religious discrimination and what constitutes harassment or segregation. The course continues to explain what reasonable accommodations are, and when employers must provide them for religious practices and related dress and grooming traditions.

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Present these courses to empower employers to create a safe, inclusive work environment compliant with Title VII.

These new courses are presented in HD-video and include Spanish and closed captioning. These courses are available for purchase on a single play, pay-per-view basis on mastery.com or as part of a licensed library at an employer rate.

These courses are also available in Mastery Training Services’ library of over 1,700 online training courses, which covers a range of topics from safety to business skills, leadership, and computer skills. All of Mastery Training Services’ VOD courses are published on the MasteryTCN courseware platform, which provides continuity in the learner experience from one course to the next. All courses on the platform play across all devices and browsers, giving users the ultimate flexibility for when and where they can access training assignments.

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