Leanlab Education Launches New Certification for Edtech Companies

Leanlab Education, a Kansas City based nonprofit that builds community around education innovations, announced their new certification for educational technology products. The new Codesign Product Certification verifies that qualifying, education-technology companies iterate their products based on authentic, school-community recommendations and feedback from Leanlab’s codesign research process.

Codesign is a collaborative research process that Leanlab uses to unite critical insights from school communities with the expertise of researchers and product developers.

Educational technology companies who have completed a research study with Leanlab and made product modifications based on the recommendations of teachers and students during that study are eligible for the certification.

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“We want to give teachers and school administrators a quick way to understand if an edtech product reflects the insights of educators, students and, parents–the true end users in education–and was built for the realities of classroom environments,” said Katie Boody Adorno, Leanlab Founder and CEO.

The new certification aims to bring greater transparency to how edtech products are developed and serve as a signal for education decision makers during the purchasing process that products have been developed with school communities, rather than for them.

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The first certifications will be awarded to Boddle Learning, Classcraft, Levered Learning, and Sown to Grow. These four companies completed research studies with Leanlab and its school partners during the Spring of 2021, and since the conclusion of the study have made product modifications based on the feedback from teachers and students.

“Our approach to product-design has always been fueled by feedback from real-world users, but working with Leanlab allowed us to speed up the cycle,” said Mitch Slater, CEO of Levered Learning. “During the pandemic, being responsive and adaptive was more critical than ever, and Leanlab helped us see what was working and where we could improve in time to make the changes that mattered most to teachers and students.”

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