Gloat Adds Employee Feedback Tools to Platform

Gloat introduced My Team, an expansion of its workforce agility platform that will help managers provide employees with feedback on their performance in real-time rather than the standard one year.

With My Team, Gloat hopes to aid in the feedback process so that managers can have more productive and personalized conversations about employee development. In addition, the solution gives company leaders insight into skills gaps and expectations.

According to Gloat, the reskilling and upskilling of employees is becoming more and more necessary because of recent economic instability. Providing continuous feedback, the company said, will help employers improve their approach to skills development.

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“As the market evolves and new technologies and skills emerge, we need a better way to facilitate ongoing development conversations,” said Gloat Vice President of Product and Analytics Ayala Michelson. Gloat’s platform, she said, “is building dynamic connection points that align to the unique strengths, interests and opportunity areas for each employee.”

Starting Conversation

In addition, My Team aims to give managers and employees tools to help them understand their needs and align them to company goals.

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The tools and features in the expansion include:

  • Team Insights: Provides insight into a team’s top skill strengths and gaps, clarifying where to focus workforce planning at any given time.
  • Team Skill Landscape: Offers an AI-powered view providing real-time insight on how each employee’s skills stack up to role and industry standards, giving employees continuous guidance on how to meet their development goals.
  • Team Members: Gives a managerial view of an employee’s current development goals and aspirations, as well as tools to recommend skills to work on, future roles to consider and curated development tracks to provide specific ways for employees to focus their development.
  • Skill Strength: Offers the ability for employees to self-rate their level of mastery of a skill and compare against their manager’s rating to facilitate transparent development conversations.

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