Devmountain and Hackbright Academy Coding Programs Endorsed as OneTen Talent Developers

Strayer University’s coding programs join the coalition of talent developers and employers

Strategic Education, a leader in online education helping advance economic mobility, announced that its two Strayer University coding programs, Devmountain and Hackbright Academy, have been endorsed as talent developers by OneTen, a coalition committed to skills-first hiring in order to promote and advance one million Black individuals without four-year degrees into family-sustaining jobs over the next 10 years. As talent developers in the OneTen coalition, the coding schools join more than 100 other educators, upskillers and career training providers that help train Black talent so they can pursue careers with some of the top employers in the country.

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“We are thrilled to partner with the OneTen coalition. The coding schools, and Hackbright Academy in particular, were founded with the mission of diversifying talent in tech, and with this partnership we are honored to extend that mission to support the goals of OneTen,” said Scott Deming, CEO and VP of Strategic Education’s coding programs. “Working together to support Black talent in preparing for and finding tech jobs meets the shared mission of both the coding schools and OneTen, and we are proud to help further diversity in the tech world and improve economic mobility for Black Americans.”

Devmountain and Hackbright Academy will support Black talent as a OneTen endorsed talent developer by providing tech skills-training and bootcamps. The in-demand skills developed by Devmountain and Hackbright Academy students will help prepare students to pursue roles in software engineering, iOS development, and other tech fields. The coding programs will also connect graduates and alumni with OneTen employer partners looking to fill technology-focused roles.

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“Too often Black talent are shut out of employment opportunities because they don’t have a four-year degree, even though they have the relevant skills and experiences to do the job,” said Maurice Jones, CEO of OneTen. “Tech has become a more even playing field, thanks in part to coding programs like Devmountain and Hackbright Academy that provide talent with additional pathways to success. We’re grateful to have them join OneTen as partners committed to equipping Black talent with the skills they need to pursue family-sustaining careers.”

In addition to talent development work with OneTen, Devmountain and Hackbright Academy are proud to partner with employers looking to diversify their tech talent and change the ratio in software engineering. The coding programs work with companies to create diverse talent pipelines into technology careers.

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