Covalent Ups Recruitment for Data-Driven Blockchain Skills Program as Job Market Evolves

Web3 data provider commits to address labor shortage and identifies data as future of work; aims to recruit and train 1000 new blockchain data analysts

Coinbase Ventures and Binance Labs backed Covalent, a Web3 data provider and Unified API Key creator, announced a new Data Alchemist Boot-Camp program designed to bridge the skills gap for workers seeking employment at technology or Web3 companies rooted in data analytics. Bullish on the future workforce relying heavily on data-related roles, this initiative aims to increase professional development within the blockchain space for individuals around the globe.

“The Alchemist Program has allowed us to expand these opportunities, while providing an environment to explore and learn alongside their peers in a way that is engaging, accessible and effective.”

The new Data Alchemist Boot-Camp expands Covalent’s existing Alchemist program but is geared toward skills development for accessible, data-rooted jobs. The need for analytical skills is rapidly growing, as user-controllable data is exploding under Web3 and decentralization. Furthering the relevance of this initiative is the rapid development of the data analyst role, which has been identified as one of the fastest-growing entry level jobs.

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Covalent is renewing its commitment to address the coming global labor shortage crisis by helping recruit and train 1000 workers for jobs with tech and Web3 employers. While once a seemingly niche sector, blockchain is rapidly evolving into a significant position within the broader enterprise and economic space, and supporting future data analytics with the most effective skills and utility will be critical as this pioneering technology only grows in prominence.

“The only prerequisite to joining our Data Alchemist Boot-Camp is a desire to learn about Web3; come with that, and we’ll pay you to learn,” said Covalent CEO Ganesh Swami. “There is a real need for individuals who are experts in this new cross-section of data and blockchain. We want to help train these future leaders to quickly fill these new roles in the near-term. This boot-camp is how we try to spark change in an excited and rapidly growing community.”

“We believe that everyone deserves equal access to education and well-funded opportunities to explore career paths in Web3,” said Covalent data scientist Brandon Rochon. “The Alchemist Program has allowed us to expand these opportunities, while providing an environment to explore and learn alongside their peers in a way that is engaging, accessible and effective.”

Covalent at Mainnet: Covalent is showcasing the new Data Alchemist Boot-Camp Program at Mainnet in New York, NY, September 21-23, 2022. Visitors may sign-up to learn more about the new program by visiting the Covalent team at booth #114.

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The New Data Alchemist Boot-Camp Program

Covalent will train new analysts on the fundamentals of blockchain business analytics. The curriculum includes a 4-week course involving interviews and course challenges, with a new cohort available every four weeks following a two-week break. Participants will have the opportunity to earn weekly grants of $500 USDC ($2,000 total) by solving curriculum-based challenges that expand skill sets and decision-making capabilities. The first class will begin on October 19th, 2022.

The Alchemist Program

With an emphasis on education, network building, and exploration, the Alchemist Program has to date facilitated over 200 leadership roles and over 30 job opportunities for the more than 2,500 Alchemists who have participated in the program thus far. By expanding the Alchemist program Covalent is narrowing the skills and education gap that stands as the most significant barrier to entry for Web3 jobs.

Covalent’s continued commitment to the importance of blockchain education is integral to their mission to facilitate the best possible uses of blockchain technology and on-chain data. Through sponsoring hackathons and training programs, Covalent is ensuring that there are readily available opportunities for ambitious blockchain professionals to learn and to grow their careers.

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