DoControl Integrates with HRIS Platforms to Mitigate Insider Threats

Essential HR information used to power AI-based insider threat detection, enrich security workflows with business context, and provide better alignment between security and HR teams

 DoControl, the leading SaaS Security Platform (SSP) announces integration with popular Human Resources Information System (HRIS) platforms such as Workday and HiBob. Through this integration, customers will have the ability to leverage metadata from these applications, enabling them to make smarter security decisions, support secure offboarding processes, as well as insider threat management for departing employees – both via resignation or termination covering more SaaS threat models.

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When it comes to decisions and metadata leveraged from these systems, DoControl’s integration with HRIS applications is essential as it will give customers much more context into the action of employees, current or past, all while providing powerful SaaS security policies throughout business-critical applications. This year, we have seen a tremendous amount of enterprises reducing their workforce, putting the risk for data exfiltration at an all time high as disgruntled employees depart from the business. This integration will enable DoControl to continuously monitor suspicious activity and trigger automated workflows to remediate top threat models.

Human Resources teams and security teams work in silos, but their ongoing work has reciprocal effects, ultimately resulting in blind spots when it comes to their HRIS tools and the associated metadata, for example:

  • An employee is about to leave, so you want to reduce their access to sensitive information. Through this integration, DoControl will continuously sync the list of departing and terminated employees using its insider threat management software
  • Someone from the organization is sharing sensitive information with their personal email. The integration will deploy anomaly-detection mechanisms identifying inappropriate end-user behavior and send real-time notifications to security teams via DoControl’s risk management solution
  • Notify the employee’s manager about security concerns or violations through automated security workflows, which are initiated in real-time when employment status or changes are triggered to prevent employees exfiltrating data stored in SaaS applications

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“SaaS applications have a goldmine of valuable data that could easily fall in the wrong hands, and timing around separation of this data is critical. An employee who is no longer with a company or has been let go can download, share or even delete files in the course of a few minutes.” said Adam Gavish, CEO and Co-founder at DoControl. “Through this integration, DoControl will be better able to protect customers from insider threats arising from a dismissal, enabling them to closely monitor employee behavior and shut down access to SaaS assets and applications when permissions need updating or the employee’s tenure with the company ends.

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