With U.S. Companies Scrambling for Qualified Employees, WorkHere Makes a Strategic Hire of Its Own: CMO Chad Fife

WorkHere, the leading talent sourcing platform for engaging and delivering qualified hyper-local candidates to employers, announced a strategic hire of its own designed to amplify the company’s growth trajectory. HR technology industry veteran Chad Fife has joined WorkHere as chief client and marketing officer (CMO). This is a new position for WorkHere, which leverages geofencing to connect jobseekers with actively hiring employers in specific locations.

WorkHere makes strategic hire of new CMO Chad Fife in advance of national rollout of app that uses geofencing to connect people with employers in specific areas. #WorkHere #Workwhereyouwant #Hyperlocal #Employeesourcing

As WorkHere’s CMO, Fife will fill dual roles. In addition to managing the company’s ad operations group, he will build a marketing team to support a growing sales force targeting employers with in-demand, high-volume jobs.

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Howard Bates, CEO and co-founder of WorkHere, says Fife’s past success in driving exponential growth for numerous B2B and B2C companies over the last 15 years makes him a key hire as the company seeks to expand its national presence and scale use of its talent sourcing platform.

“Chad has an intimate understanding of today’s workforce dynamics and knows the impact technology can have on solving HR’s biggest challenge today, hiring. His experience growing technology companies in youth and adult workforce markets makes him uniquely prepared to spot opportunities that will lead to growth initiatives for WorkHere and our clients in the form of new products and services.”

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Prior to joining WorkHere, Fife served as vice president of marketing for PSI Services and Performance Assessment Network, global leaders in professional certification, talent assessment and pre-hire workflow automation. He also helped launch educational technology and publishing firm Pearson’s talent division and led product marketing at Nurse.com and Cognella.

“WorkHere has a unique model for solving a $2 trillion talent shortage and turnover problem in the United States with hyper-local job candidate sourcing. I’m thrilled to join the company and focus on accelerating the company’s rapid growth and shaping our brand. I can’t wait to bring WorkHere to companies and organizations looking for superior hiring results,” Fife said.

Fife earned his MBA from Willamette University and BA from Brigham Young University. He holds a certificate in new product innovation from the University of Chicago.

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